Fast Forward

When the day comes and you turn on your out door spigot and it sprays water at you here’s a simple way to fix it. I am referring to the freeze proof faucets here that have a long stem that reach way into a wall or under your house through your house foundation. The ones I know of have what looks like a nut behind the handle, the handle that turns the water on and off. Course if I am having to tell you what that handle does you best call a plumber. For those of you who like the feel of fixing things yourself first try tightening the nut, the fiber or washer hidden by this nut in many cases just needs a little tightening as this compresses the fiber or washer behind the nut keeping the water where it belongs. If that doesn’t work then you may need to go a little deeper into the faucet. Before going any further though make sure you shut off the water that supplies the water to this faucet. Then remove the handle usually with a screw driver of some sort. After that remove the nut usually an adjustable wrench will do. Now this won’t cost you anything. Find some old leather, a leather belt will do, cut a few small pieces shaving size or a bit larger, then carefully place them inside the opening all around the stem. Put the nut back where it came from and tighten it up. Put your handle back on and go turn your water on. There is another option if you really want to make a run to the store, they just might have something to sale you that will do the same thing. Give it a try and see how you feel, in the near future there will be more chances of proof.

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Fuel for the Flame

Every dead fallen twig is thrown in,

every bellow blows,

every hand chips in,

and the flame grows a never ending blaze,

that flame never burns a living soul,

spirits living God rest their souls,

human remains standing inside the flame,

a spark fly’s out and ignites across the land,

words are read and lived by,

apple seeds spent time inside,

the fruit where words are formed,

into loving the bloom,

words gather capturing hearts,

and the flame grows wilder.

Pink Lady apple seedlings

Pink Lady apple seedlings

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Years Gone By

My strength has dwindled but I do not complain, I look forward to the day my strength returns, and I live debt free. I wasted, as some might say, many years behind the wheel traveling across this so called great mass of land. Wasting precious time running empty from here to there all because of competition between companies, making there fortune, and me trying to make a living. Crunching the pavement under the wheels, as the truck pulled trailer loaded to limits, even some partially loaded waste away. If you have ever driven a truck or worked a place where you see what is loaded and unloaded you might just know the waste of it all. Who competes with money? That is what it is all about anyway. It doesn’t matter who you are, unless you live on the streets and go let someone else feed you. Money reigns in our hearts, but when we step up to bat we might just put God in the lead, stomping like a great horse to plow the land, and put in seed, to raise a new crop to feed the hungry, in this naked land.

Why do I write, what I write, when I write? It maybe it’s something inside, inside my pot, inside my cauldron, where my life spells, and eternity flows. A mixture of soup, a mixture of life, that rises up from the deep well inside. Where it goes, what it does, all, depend on where it falls? It might fall on rocks, it might fall on desert sands, it might fall in oceans of blue washing up on shore, or it might just be planted in you.

Charlie left today, to go to his new home. I managed to get a rope around his neck while I offered him some feed, and then choked him out of the pen. Once out of the pen he wasn’t as willing to follow, so the men with their rope came and tied their rope around Charlie’s horns. Although he wasn’t very willing to go he went with them pretty easily. Charlie will love his new harem soon, as he will have plenty of ladies to keep him occupied.

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Hanging Out

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am hanging out here on this clothes line that stretchers from over there to over yonder. Its been raining but not a drop right now. I came as a surprise from out of the blue, I came to rest right here. I stuck around while Billie admired me, then she asked if I would stay while she went and got her camera. I loooove having my picture taken as can see, I stayed awhile for you to admire me too.


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Finding Clousure

When a person steps up to bat they might just hit a home run.

In a sense I went up to bat for my son, and prayers from others didn’t strike out.

Although my son didn’t receive all the letters I sent, change in him is taking place. He was much more pleasant when I went to visit yesterday. He told me his 3rd letter was much better than the first 2, which I retrieved from my mail box last night.

In mid search for some information he asked me to research this thought came to mind:

When you reach the end of your rope, you can either let go or you can take what strength remains and begin your climb, reaching for the truth within as the glowing embers never die.

My son told me he had a staph infection and believed that may have been why he was where he was when he ended up where he is. In some cases a staph infection can case confusion or disorientation. He said he had been feeling this way. This maybe the beginning of a closure as he leaves behind an old way and finds the new path of understanding in his life.

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Wing-Love-atHand-Palm-WallpaperHow many girders does it take to cross a gorge?

Some might begin by asking how deep is the gorge or how wide the gorge, some might even ask how long is the gorge. Is the gorge like the gorges of the Grand Canyon, or are they like massive rivers that flow, or are they oceans that separate masses.

When the girders are all combined connected together there is only 1, one girder. Like in the palm of our hand love can rise with wings and fly covering the earth hiding the dark from our sight, there, it is much brighter and our days continue to increase for the eternal life is amongst us living in us. Soon darkness will show itself in us, and we spend eternity with the rising of the SON. For there is no one that will stay, no one will remain in the dark. God is positive of the love He gives each and everyone .



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Good Samaritian


I stopped in at the Samaritan shop yesterday and bought some new (not new) tee shirts I was needing  because my old ones have become stained and or small holes in them over the years. Tee shirts are one of my attires I wear most. This is the printing on one I bought which happens to hit home for me.


All the tee shirts I bought were half price which was an added SAVINGS.

As for the Good Samaritan, one day when I driving along the road in Fayetteville I saw a person walking who appeared to homeless who appeared a be a woman pulling her belongings behind her. My heart went out to her. Another day too I saw this same woman walking not far from the first place I saw her. My heart again went out as I passed by. When I saw her again another day she was sitting, beside her was a young lady, talking to her. I could see them sharing as one talked and the other listened. The woman seemed to be smiling as she shared conversation with this Good Samaritan.

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