Last night I attended a poultry seminar for hobby farmers and small flock owners. This is what I walked away with from the seminar, besides a red metal basket made in China to use to gather eggs and a Backyard Poultry Magazine as a door prize.

First let me explain why I went. I wanted to be more informed and able to recognize illnesses in chickens, especially since I have poultry houses going in across the road that I am not happy about, but would rather have them then lots of huge houses. My hope was that they would show and explain what to watch for in the chickens. They did very quickly not separating out one disease from another or explaining much of anything other than the importance of reporting illness. They did however point to medicated feed, which I have never fed my chickens, vaccinations which I have never vaccinated my chickens, biosecurity which I do not do, although I do clean out my chicken coop occasionally.

What I heard may not be what others heard, nor may what we walked away with. This is what I walked away with and heard. I heard a speaker say that the small flock owner and hobby farmer were the foundation of the big poultry industry. In other words if for some reason a spreading disease were to occur at one these small farms or hobby farm and be overlooked it could spread causing devastation to the big poultry industry with billions of dollars of loss, their foundation crumble. Of course this could also be taken another way. The fearful gather to put fear into the little, so the little will follow industry standards of vaccination and medicated feed putting fear into disease. I do fear disease but know it can be eradicated. If the body is allowed to go to battle with soup, juices and plenty rest, chances are the body will heal, but once one begins using sickness as the threshold, veterinarians and physicians are waiting.

One speaker told of a story about having to go in and eliminate all the poultry in a big poultry house and cleaning it out. Not only did they have to do this but they also had to go to other big poultry houses, hobby farms and small flock owners in the area and test for the disease that occurred in the big poultry house to prove the disease hadn’t spread and gave vaccinations. They had to do this otherwise they would have undergone an embargo by neighboring counties and states losing millions of dollars.

Prevention was their motto, in their fight against disease. I carry a different motto that many may not understand. My motto is my torch and may even put me to death, but if that be the case then so be it.

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Rubble Hides


I recently bought the big red horse tiller built by Troy Bilt, I have to say I need a larger garden area without a fence enclosing it. My little garden space although around 20 feet by 40 feet just isn’t big enough for the horse, and not running into the fence.

My neighbor asked if I would till up an area for him, so I went today. I had told him that was a good choice spot that he choose because a pervious garden bed had been there from pervious neighbors. But what I found wasn’t so good. I unearthed 2 bricks, a good size rock, a small length of wood, and a dog’s chain which warped itself around the tines. All this and I still think the horse was up to even more except what seemed to be hardpan.

So the best place for the horse is an open field, but I would suggest going over it first with a good tractor plow to unearth all that is hidden, to save yourself and the horse the frustration of trying to jump and speed ahead when hitting things like the length of wood. Even in slow speed the horse jumped and sped ahead, me trailing behind holding tight to the reins.

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A few years back we had an ice storm in my part of the country, at which time I met neighbors whom I had never met. One neighbor, he and his wife were kind church goers. I would go to their house once in a while and have coffee getting to know them as good neighbors borrowing and sharing. After some time they got a divorce, his wife left him. He started smoking and drinking, an unknown person he became to me, one I did not know. I tried my best to be a friend knowing he was having a rough time accepting the divorce. I listened to him go on and on not saying much. One day he was going by on his riding mower to go mow someone’s yard. He had been drinking. I was outside working in the yard when he stopped to talk. He began going on about a couple who he became angry with and told me I shouldn’t associate with them. I became angry with his drunkenness and rambling. He left. We haven’t spoken for several years even though I called him on 2 different accusations leaving a message thinking his dog was loose. He never returned my calls so I never called again. Yesterday using an excuse to stop, when he asked about a dog I use to have, wanting to know what happened to her. We talked for a while. Not really bringing up past angers, even though I mentioned it. We really didn’t go there. Angers were laid to rest and good neighbors bounded once again.

For me, I believe God works in mysteries ways, bringing the past to rest, by way of loving, kind hearts. However, it is a choice we make to gather, no longer using the sword of the tongue slashing and splitting. May more mend from being split, as we sown together in God’s Kingdom, where God has sent his children to plant seed for the farm.

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A Letter to My Son


Kingdom Garden Grow




I recently received a long letter from my son Ezra, the longest letter I believe I have ever received.


In his letter he tells of a story about a mother who was given 10 to 15,000 dollars who used it rather than saved as he said was the agreement. Mother does not call him a liar but has her own story that is not quite the same as her son’s story.


Mother told many a people how her son has FINALLY changed becoming more responsible and helping pay her bills when he was on work release and that all she could do was hope he continued this path when released. Mother was very proud of the son who was doing so well. Thinking that he was helping pay the increased bills of having Uriah live here, even though Uriah gave some of his check to help it really did not cover all the added expenses. Mother also took what he was giving as payment of what she lost from irresponsible ways of his past. Mother couldn’t grasp why all the money. All mother could remember was that she didn’t remember any such agreement as he stated. For mother knows she would have never done such a thing of spending and using money he sent to be saved.  Month after month after he paid bills (usually credit card bill) he would ask for this or that to be mailed, picked up at Lowe’s or ordered. Most of this was asked in letters that are still in mother’s draw, but mother has no desire to search out and lay everything out in order or back through all bills to see exactly what was paid and what went out, to who and what for.


All the lies mother speaks of came from the past. Remembering when her son first was caught in a lie, and was taken to the place where he stole something that didn’t belong to him. The next lie that mother remembers came from drugs, where it was proved in a urine test. From then on mother hoped that one day Satan and his lies would let go of her son. Mother saw her son Ezra go to depths and then rise again only to fall and climb over and over again. Mother hopes that in Ezra’s heart he makes wise choices in love of God, Yahweh so one day to never live in the depths again.


Mother knows people’s path is not an easy road. Even mother’s path is not easy as she hopes that when Uriah returns from his vacation (he relieves he actually gave mother a vacation without her even leaving home) and begins taking the necessary steps to have a place of his own. Even though mother appreciates all that he does do, there is much that is not appreciated, that causes raging seas. For within mother’s heart there is a place of calm where the still waters flow gently with everlasting life as the seeds of change, of the flowers and trees grow, where the animals flourish without drugs for this and that, providing food for the table to be nourished for eternity. The road is narrow and one enters through the heart in love of our Father God.


Mother is resting, and healing, while her sons are away finding their way.


Love Mother


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Heaven Grows

When a stranger calls, do you answer the call?

Heaven knows the answer.

Where is heaven?

Heaven knows it is right in your very own heart.

Heaven answers the call of your heart.

Welcoming in the light of the sun or the light of the moon, or planting roots in moon’s darkness.

Answering the call of a stranger or sending them away.

Heaven gives birth from inside.

May the kind loving light of heaven shine as smiles form giving way to more hearts, in heaven.


Yesterday before going to town I thought about planting potatoes within a few days. St. Patrick’s day as I heard many do. While at the farmers co-op I decided to purchase some potatoes to plant. While there I spoke to a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. She said Pontiac potatoes were the best. She said plant them in the dark of moon March 30th, and dig them on July 4th. She went through the steps she takes. I asked her where she learned all this. She said it was from her father and mother who lived through the early 1900′s. So this year I have chosen to plant by the dark of the moon the roots of Pontiac potatoes. A wealth information in so many hearts spread the food on the table so others can gather in the garden.


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open pasture


I graze in the pasture so far and wide

Never finding a fence where I might be locked inside

Forever trying to get to the other side

Reaching through the wires of barbs that leave one torn

Or finding wires that shock to keep me locked

In my heart I graze inside my pen

Where I love to stay and not wander away

For outside in the world I am not in want

I find my need right where I am at.

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Blooming Twigs

In February I pruned some of my peach trees. One of my peach trees that came from seed several years ago is a slow grower so I assume it is a dwarf. Liking the idea of dwarf peach trees that I can stand without ladder and pick peaches I thought I would try something that wasn’t really talked about in the Propagation Bible I read.

While making willow tea, this last autumn, I took some of the twigs and put them in a glass jar and set them on the window sill. Some time went by and they began to put forth leaves now I have willow seedlings with a full set of roots planted in pots waiting for a new home in the earth’s soil. I gave one to Bruce and Susan, one of my egg buyers, who loves the weeping willow. I hope it serves them well, becoming a huge weeping willow tree for their home.
As for the peach twigs with buds, I placed some in a glass jar, adding an aspirin because I didn’t have any willow tea made, and as you can see in the picture below I now have blooming twigs without any root. The question now, is will the peach twigs form a strong root to begin a new life in the earth’s soil as a dwarf? Time will tell. As for the blooms being pollinated, the bees aren’t in the house, but so far they have made it through this strange winter weather and on warm days have been bringing in pollen to their hive from heaven knows where, probably the trees they love so well.



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