God On Duty

Some years ago while I was away, the county I don’t live in, hired a contracting crew to lay a rural water line. I had signed an easement for the water line to be laid on my property. When I arrived home after being gone several weeks, I saw they had come and gone. Other than I could see where the waterline had been laid underground due to the grass not sown and grown yet, I found my phone line had been ripped in two. The phone company had to come out and splice it back together. Nearly two years later I had to call and have the well people to come out. I didn’t have any water. When they arrived they found out I didn’t have 220 inside my panel to run the well pump. I asked how could that be? I was told it was somewhere between the pole and the house, a break in the line. I asked how could that be? I was told it just happens. He tried to wire my panel till I could get an electricain out and nearly burned my house. Scared him. He left in a hurry. The electricians came out pretty quick. Before they arrived I remembered something from nearly two years prior, when my phone line had been ripped in two. When I told the electricians what I thought may have happened since the phone line had been ripped, they thought so too. When they called the water company they were told, find it. So the two guys began digging. It wasn’t long when they called the water company back and said they found it. The power line had been ripped, taped up with duck tape, and laid back in the ground. It took two years to corrode enough to not feed the amount of power needed to draw water from the well. My House Guard I thank, for I had not enough money to cover the contractors mistake. I got a new power line this time in conduit and an outside panel for free. Who actually paid? The contractor had insurance. You know if people were honest and took responsibility for their actions we could eliminate lawsuits, you know those black suits with ties round their necks.
Oh one thing I must add, the well man just seconds before he got scared said “I don’t feel good about this”.

taken 12/6/2006

Now I feed off the new panel outside my house to the out building where the chickens, rabbits, and storage is.
God is on Duty


About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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