Heart Spin

Returning the lost to their place of birth. Within the heart is your birth place. This is where decisions are made. To love or not love. This is your birth place. If you choose not to love, you might fight love. If you choose to love, then who do you fight? Do you fight with the world outside, while trying to love in your heart, or do you accept to love the world outside, while remaining in love inside? Where is your resting place, outside in the world, or do you find the best resting place begins inside. Your place of birth where you decide, to love or not love. Can you accept the good with the bad? Can you change and see everything good? If there was nothing bad to make us change our direction what would this world be like? I can imagine. No locked doors, no need for locks to keep others out, for they all are welcome to come, as they choose to love. Return the lost and mend broken hearts.
I once found an old sewing machine, a Singer at a thrift store. Although I do not sew much, I found I love this old machine more than the one I bought which was a zigzag. The straight stitch machine I fixed. I had to go inside into the motor and rewire a new cord. I had to re-wrap the winding’s on the motor and I fixed the cabinet. It sews like dream, a good straight stitch. Two threads meet in the middle. One at the top one at the bottom. At the heart they do not tug more than the other. This Singer machine makes a perfect straight stitch. The zigzag fly’s off to the left then to the right like chasing to get it right. How straight can a stitch make two hearts torn to become one? It first requires each heart to mend, then the hearts mended can be sown together but not without the mender. I love the mender, the sower, and the threads. Many threads make a spun garment.
Yesterday at work a man needed some steel pipe to make legs for the table he was making. He told me the table top was from an old bowling alley that had closed. He had bought the old alleys. He showed me a picture of a workstation he had made. I told him “I admire people who take something old and make it new again”. I told him “he does good work”. It requires going into ones heart and creating what we imagine choosing to love not duplication. Compare the snowflakes from heaven. Even identical twins are not the same. I was told at work they needed my DNA to clone me. While I was on break for supper no one was knowledgeable enough to help the customer. I feel in sort of away I have been cloned when I changed, like the seasons. My change was like a sudden bad storm. But from out of this storm I began healing with baby steps. Now I learn to speak through my writings from the depths of my heart.
There is another I admire very much. This person goes and helps children to write. I met this person not in person. I met this person first in a book she had written. I am in the process of coming close to finishing the a second she wrote. The first I read was Poemcrazy. The second I am reading is Foolsgold. No one else but Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge the author of both. If you are lost I suggest several books, these I mention here. The other I hold in the picture on my blog. There is much meaning in many books. I found one of first was the Bible I read many times, like a story book. There is much meaning in words. The meanings are given through your heart. 

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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