Willing Hearts

It is said all things are possible, if all things are possible the possibilities are endless.  If possibilities are endless then life too is endless. If life is endless when does the end come? To me the end never comes because possibility begins.  How willing you are to endless possibilities is the answer. Is it possible to lift something you have never lifted before because it was too heavy? It is possible. Many do weight training for many years building their muscles and strain to lift the impossible, for them it is possible. Some I have heard lifted to save others, was it impossible? Apparently it was not impossible, so became possible. Did they think about it, apparently not, they responded. If the world stands up and says no more, who will be left to war? To me this is a possibility. My hell ended some time ago. When will the world’s hell end? It is possible. One by one your war can end. The real battle is inside. Can you find the peace within and send it out into the world. Raise no cane against your brothers and sisters in the world for they too are fathers and mothers. Can you see possibility begins with willing to end what once was? Or in your heart do you believe war is the answer to everything. Let me ask this, what war has given except more war, killing, and death. It is possible to end and begin, begin, begin. Take it inside and battle there, and then send the troops of love carrying no swords.

How many are displaced with no home? Even storms do this damage. How many have opened their door to a stranger? Has love knocked at your door and you did not hear the possibility is near. Near to your heart is the answer. Will you give life, will you live, will you share hardship, and will you share the joy. How many in the world put others problems in the fire saying they want no part. Is it possible to reach in and pull a twig from the fire without getting burned? It is possible. The more that are believers and stand together, can show the need to love not hell war. The true battle is inside can we stand and bury the sword and raise the plow.

Plowing what once was is the beginning of planting new seed. Seeds can be planted as we gather the good seeds and plant for the coming years. It is possible with a willing heart. Love is possible. Don’t slam the door. For you may not know an angel may be standing before you. When God wins the battle you know in your heart you can do NO harm to others.  A willing heart gives to you, can you give love to another who is in need. The possibilities are endless.

A heart that is not willing does only harm to their self.  Willing hearts send out seeds. Share these seeds and HOPE, HOPE the seeds spread LOVE.

I am only, I believe a messenger. Are you a messenger too?

With great LOVE from my heart, I send out these words to the winds, may they sprout and grow in willing hearts.

Billie I am.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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