Opening Hearts

During the night last night my mind kept working, hearing my heart, even though I feel I slept well I still have words that flowed.

I once was told by someone I cared about every much that the world would NOT change, that it would keep on going as it always has. This person was angry at me. I do not believe they understood what I had gone through, what I had seen in my mind. I say my mind, but it could it have been the opening of my heart. I was fearful, but yet filled with great love. A love to go out and share what I experienced, I envisioned understanding, and was sure people understand. But I was unable to speak in such away that people could understand. I find it hard to speak sometimes, sometimes I feel I am just babbling like an infant child, othertimes I hear my babbling as unproductive negativity usually gripping and complaining about one thing or the other. Have you ever listened to yourself and knew you should have kept your mouth shut? That’s right, its hard to train the mouth to stay shut, and only open when you have something positive to say. It is hard, because sometimes a negitive remark can influence a person to choose positive. However taking a club and beating someone is not a good negitive, it has only caused more beatings, this is what war has proven. That world will never change. Hearts can change the world one by one. I have been beaten, I love my beater, He won my heart, and now I speak. God is my winner. He won my heart. I hope he wins yours too.  Some years ago I couldn’t explain what I experienced. Most of what I can tell you now, is I am healing. If I can heal, why can’t the world? It takes hearts, hearts who choose to NOT display their anger by trying to force others to change. Hearts that choose to take the battle inside and see the outcome is good. If you find something good in every negetive your light inside will begin to shine. As your light shines bright it begins to show outside too. Can you accept what a person has to say without becoming angry? All words are seeds. It is up to you which seeds sprout and grow. All good seeds need love. God separted the land by water, God separated people through speech. Could it be God knew there is a positive and negetive, and the outcome is heaven on earth, without warring of human beings, our battles are settled inside. Can you take your battles inside? This is a place where FAITH is given. God WINS, not by FAITH alone, it requires HOPE, and LOVE. A LOVE for the seeds that grow inside. Soon more trees display their branches for the birds to roost.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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