Wine Glasses

I once lived in San Diego, a big and lovely city that grew outward bound. I worked at an apartment complex where people come and go moving in and out; there they don’t own a lick of ground or building to stake claim as home. What they own can usually be carried in a camels pack, or truck and trailer, in some cases a small cart.

Being part of the maintenance staff we would go in after residents moved out, to clean, paint and fix, preparing the place for the next victims. Some would leave treasures behind. Policy was if anything was left behind, especially things of value it would kept for a lengthy time, before gotten rid of. Some of us would lay claim on what we found, kinda like dumpster diving, except when dumpster diving there is no holding time, before what you find is yours.

I found a set of wine glasses in the original box that they came in when first bought, minus one. I can’t remember if they were left high up in a cabinet or in the dishwasher. I think it was the dishwasher because I can faintly remember thinking it was a strange place to store them. Besides in this story the dishwasher sounds fine. I turned them into the office and let them know if no one claimed them I wanted them.

I no longer have a ring I once cherished. In my haste, in my hurt, I gave it to the person whom I thought was going to be my very last partner in my life and told them it meant nothing. That statement was not true. I cherished those rings mostly because of the words within and how the design was established. The rings were made especially for us. That wasn’t the only thing I cherished in that relationship. I cherished the person. Not long ago I asked for that ring back but received no answer. Even though I still cherish that person it is no longer in the same way, I love that person for another reason. God entered my life. This I will always be thankful for.  I believe God takes me by the hand and places my heart where it truly belongs, in the arms of true believers.  Believers with heart, morals, conscience, a knowing life has many lessons, a knowing it is our choice to love or not love. I do harm to others. My heart heals inside, outside, time tells the story.

My crystal wine glasses have a ring, a song of their own as they click against another’s. Like 2 hearts sewn mended through the intertwining of ONE GOD, LOVE mends broken hearts. The water turned to wine through the LOVE of ONE SON.  May more hearts bring cheer and joy to others in the coming of years? May separation be no longer, may GOD mend all hearts, as we walk endlessly living for the ONE ALMIGHTY.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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