Ladder Climber

While at work yesterday, I climbed the ladder at the faucet isle down stocking and filling the shelves. A customer walking by said “I see you were climbing the corporate ladder” I said “yes I do that from time to time”, “but I always come back down”. He said “oh I see, you are a down to earth sort of person” I said “yes, I guess you could say that I am” as I laughed.

I love the campanionway a new word for me


[kuh m-pan-yuh n-wey] Show IPA

noun, Nautical .


a stair or ladder within the hull of a vessel.

the space occupied by this stair or ladder.

1830–40; companion2 + way 3. (and by the way 3 after way was not in definition as I copied from but as you see 3 has appeared here.)


1 [kuh m-pan-yuh n] Show IPA


a mate or match for something: White wine is the usual companion of fish.

way (weɪ) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

1. a manner, method, or means: a way of life ; a way of knowing


.slDL{ font-family: “Verdana”; font-size: 12px; color: #404040; line-height:16px; } .sponsored_Img{ background:transparent url(‘’) no-repeat; float:right; margin-top:4px; width:91px; height:12px; cursor:pointer; }

di·chlo·ro·phe·nox·y·a·ce·tic ac·id
[dahy-klawr-oh-fi-nok-see-uhsee-tik, –uhset-ik, dahy-klohr-, dahy-klawr-oh-fi-nok-, dahy-klohr-] Show IPA
noun, Chemistry .

a white to yellow, crystalline powder, C 8 H 6 O 3 Cl 2 , slightly soluble in water: used for killing weeds. 
I find with the use of a book, much sense fills my cup. I many cases now days the internet also has its ways.
Have a wonderful and great day, to all a good night and many good days. For without one the other does not exist. Do you love one over the other? Or can see the good in all? Cast out one for the other. Have no regret in the life you live, for it is your choice, which companion you choose, let the way be clear and let others live, do no harm, let people choose from within their heart.  






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I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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