I went for a stroll to a u-tube video about The One Straw Revolution persented by since I knew nothing about this man Masanobu Fukuoka, that my friend Susan mentioned. But I soon found myself at reading about iron skillets. It appears to have great articles written about iron skillets, I haven’t read them all yet. If you have any interest or own one or more yourself such as I, then you might like to go read these articles at I myself will be going back to read them soon.
What is the reason for this post? Let me tell you.
Some years ago after my first house was washed away in my emotional flood, Spirit sent me out to begin healing, one of the things I did was go shopping. You might say, shopping? Yes shopping, it was the beginning of comparision. Have you ever heard of an iron skillet that is wore out or broke? This what I found. At the shoppping malls, you know where new STUFF is bought, the prices were high and some iron skillets appeared to quite lite in weight with the inside not smooth but rough. I also went to used, antique, and thrift stores. This is where I bought all of my iron skillets, reasonably priced. Some needed cleaned, with Spirit’s help I did just that, giving them a bath in olive oil and emery cloth. The one iron skillet that I should have bought, let me make two but didn’t, was actually wore out, one was broke. I sit now and although I don’t wish, I wish I would have bought those iron skillets, just to show that even something made good, can wear out and break. To me iron skillets are made good at least the older ones anyway. I see so much STUFF that is not made good, it can not be fixed, and most people don’t even attempt, its easier just to throw away and go buy another or return to the store and get another, relationships are even that way. All this STUFF including relationships, where does it go? To the furnace. What furnace? The earths furnace. When the earth gets hot enough it might blow like a volcano, that is if your hearts furnace doesn’t give way first. Compare and choose wisely. What do you love the most?

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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6 Responses to Skillets

  1. Billie, I collect iron skillets! I have a cauldron (!) 4 frying pans of different sizes, and a deeper one. I’ve given them to both my daughter and son. I’ve never seen a broken one….glad you have, wonderful post. Love, S xoxoxo

  2. Iron skillets, and cast iron, if cared for properly will last two lifetimes, if not more. Cooking in them also has the benefit of adding a small amount of natural iron to your food. None of my pieces are even close to new and have been handed down from my family. They must be properly cared for, however, and not allowed to rust. There’s a spiritual lesson in that too but I am going to make you look for it! Lord, bless you.

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