S & S

Short and sweet Susan says, thats me alright 😉 as the table turns an email response into a post. But you also gotta know the reason for short and sweet.

Yes, I’m grateful for your friendship! Start recording poemcrazy for Audible in a Chico recording studio in a few hours and hmmm, can’t sleep. Wish me luck!
Love, Susan

Oh yes, load the truck full of all the luck that God can put in, for a heart filled with love can only be full of what God gives as four leaf clovers spin.
Love Billie

I must I must tell you about Susan. I never knew Susan until I started reading her book Poemcrazy, and if you don’t know her book jumped out at me at Barnes & Nobles as soon as my back was no longer turned, after I finished reading I sent Susan an email on Nov. 30th 2011. She was kind and responded. I think she may have thought I would stop writting soon, but I fooled her, I think were friends now. I was so glad I read her book. Before that I felt really really alone other than I knew God was close by. I felt like an odd ball, but I found I was not alone. Now don’t you dare misinterpret that. Susan is no odd nor am I. But it sure helps to know there are other people that go through simular situations and come out diving into the soup bowl, no longer being eaten by the shark. I have also read one of Susans other books too, Foolsgold. I highly recommend that one too. So far I haven’t read her other two. But I am sure I will as soon as I catch up on my reading, but thats gonna be awhile though.
Oh, Susan just had a birthday Jan 30th. I missed the first one, I did know, but now I know, and so do my readers. happy—happy birthday—happy—happy birthday—to—you—happy—happy birthday—to—you—SUSAN—.
There, now that was short and sweet.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to S & S

  1. Thanks dear Billie, and yes we’ve become friends. And you’re becoming quite the blogger! Thanks for the kind words about my books. You may write a book one day, but heavens, the blog is so much more immediate! With love, Susan

    • Thanks Susan and I sent you a link to one I read this morning on “morningstoryanddilbert”, it is “protect your heart” quite a beautiful layout and I believe the stories will be wonderful too when I get around to reading it.

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