Praising God

Some years ago after I quit driving truck and I came home, I spent several years at home not working, I spent the first part of this time healing as I began reading the Bible and began getting to know God.

One day on my way to town with a load of scrap metal in the trunk of my car (which I thank God for the recycling programs taking something old and making something new rather then it laying around to rust away). I passed by a vehicle alongside the road. It appeared to be a woman lying under the back of the vehicle; I saw she had a flat. I turned around and went back to see if I could help. She told me she couldn’t figure out how to get her spare down from under the back of the vehicle. As I looked I didn’t know how either. Luckily we found some instructions in the jack area. We found out that a tool goes through the bumper and turns a crank to lower the tire.  As I proceeded she was talking to her husband on the phone and told him that an angel stopped to help. We managed to get the spare down and proceeded to jack the vehicle up and remove the flat tire. We put the spare on and found it too was flat. We took it off and tossed it in my trunk on top the load. We drove a mile or so to the Goshen store to put air in the tire. While there we saw two goats loose, running around. I knew I had seen them before but didn’t remember where, so as I was putting air in the tire the woman went inside the store to tell them about the goats. When she got back she told me pointing, that someone was trying to catch them but couldn’t. I then knew where I had seen them before. Like a good shepherd I herded the goats back to their pen and shut the gate. I went to the house to tell them but no one answered. I went back to the car and we went to put the tire on. I found out this woman was on her way to therapy for her injured back.  As we said our goodbyes giving hugs we both knew it was God who supplied the instructions on how to lower the tire as well as the instructions from within the Bible.

I write this story not to gloat or take pride in myself, but take pride in God and His Almighty Wisdom, given to us to read, what once was old is recycled and becomes new, only through a loving heart.  So, the old really is GOOD. Good to LOVE and support those in times need. But if you don’t stop, you will never know if it was God actually calling for your help. But know this too, some who haven’t ever read the Bible or display God in the way we feel they should, does not mean God is not present in their life. Some of those type of people we judge would stop.  You know the parable of the one who lay alongside the road, robbed and beaten. Who stopped to help?

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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