Above and Beyond

Heads up, this is a true story of when I drove truck, that has some truth in it, as most are. It may raise hairs on the back of your neck in frustration of truth.
On the multi-laned interstate around Atlanta I drove one day on my way to deliver a load, I think. It’s been awhile and as time passes so does some memory, so the present day will have room to live a full life.
In the middle of this multi-lane interstate, a stalled car, a woman at the wheel, children in the backseat. No one was stopping to help, as they hurriedly wheezed by. What were they thinking, why didn’t anyone stop to help. Oh that’s right, maybe they would be late to work, or maybe they just wanted to get home, with no care in the world, or maybe they feared that they themselves might get hit.
Along came the highway cavalry riding high, all lined up in a row, slowing down more and more. Cars lined up behind not able to see why these stupid truckers driving their big rigs were being idiotic, playing around making people get mad, making some drive around in the medium or alongside the outer edge, because they had someplace to go and didn’t have time to play foolish games. They had no faith in what these truckers were doing as they slowed the vehicles down more and more. Someone up ahead moved the stalled car, to the side of the road. When all was clear the truckers opened the gate, and the cars began to speed ahead. None never really knew why these truckers did what they did to make them mad. But what they didn’t understand was, the madness was inside them, instead of taking and finding the calm inside the storm, they fought with anger inside themselves, all because they didn’t know the truth.
Many highway heroes never get the credentials that they really deserve from the people they help. However, God knows who they are, and hands them the badge of life, to carried with them throughout eternity. I would like believe I am a highway heroine, although I no longer drive big trucks round the United States. My badge, took my license away, so I couldn’t return easily. But I was willing to give up driving, to come home. When God said “go home”, I thought He meant my home in Goshen. I didn’t know He meant my Home in my Heart, my Mind, and Body. Today I drive the highway in the sky, but soon I rest, loving my little farm in Goshen Land. Eternity is mine.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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