Hand in Hand

An illusion can become truth within your heart, but fear can drive it out, making you search for truth in what you see as reality. Reality however is manifested from what you believe to be truth. So if you believe an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth then when someone strikes you you strike back. This is reality that many live. If you believe the illusion, then it can become reality. Might this be a spinning of night and day? Web based reality from an illusion. Can you see the words spiral through the air from my computer to yours? Can you see the words I read that is an illusion, which becomes reality spiraling out into the world? Word seeds planted in hearts, choosing choices, manifesting illusion and reality, they are hand in hand. Stop a moment and see God created the heavens and earth from an illusion, vision, God manifested from within. From within God, all the living are, from within God all the dead aren’t. We too can manifest the living God we love within, while eliminating death within the world we live. God created us from the dust beneath our feet, such an intricate design that we hold nothing dead within our heart, and our body. We hold no shit within, we eliminate it, we hold no urine either, and it is eliminated. When someone dies whom you once loved or they leave do you stay or do you move on? I have stayed many years a choice I made. Am I ready to move on? This is a question I ask God? I wait for an answer. From the food we eat we are nourished then we find the potty room, illusion and reality. It is fear that causes the lie, making you fear illusion vision. Dreams are an illusion vision, but in some cases those dreams are reality battling within, as you sleep, trying to make sense of the world outside in which you live, when you wake you begin to see the dreams were nothing to fear, so fear is eliminated, as more wake and begin healing, the world of reality changes evolves, as the truth is your light that shines brighter than the sun that God hung in the sky. God put Jesus right where he needed to be, sitting on His throne, not hung in the sky, but right inside your very own heart. Illusion vision, when you raise your hand in self-defense might it be God defending His Son, till the earth beneath your feet shake as you stand in fear. Without LOVE you will never see God above. Fear keeps you from God.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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