Yesterday at work an older woman and her younger friend came in checking on toilets. Some older people feel a need for the higher seating height, ADA chair height toilets, making it easier on their knees to get back into a standing position. She wanted to get 2; her plumber told her that they were going to stop making them. HUH. Wonder what he was doing? I told her I hadn’t heard anything about that. I told her what do they think (as I was thinking anything is possible with God) people are going to do, become young and vibrant again, (as I squatted and rose) being able to squat and rise from bended knees.

Close to closing for the evening, one of our regular Lowes customers came in, he told me about a house sitting on 400 and some acres that he has the pleasure of house setting due to the house being broken into several times. He showed me a few pictures, deer grazing, bird nest and what appeared to be a window seal rotted which was not rot at all. The grain of the wood was so tight that all that was needed was to clean and remove the old paint. He showed me pictures of beautiful hardwood floors not just veneer or laminate, that had been covered with carpet for many years, this reminds me of my bare plywood floors because I refuse to have carpet in my house again sense I removed and saw the accumulated dirt that was hidden. I wait since I can’t afford hardwood floors; I can see the dirt that accumulates. He showed me picture of beautiful crystal looking door knobs and the metal scrolled back plates for this older house built back in the thirties. So many older houses get demolished in a person’s hurry to have a new modern house or shopping center in its place, and then they find out it’s not built that good. Many years ago people took pride in the work they did, today it is mostly the almighty buck that drives them, but it too soon dwindles away as we try and keep our head above water, soon seeing the old is good and more head in that direction. How well read is your Bible?

How many of you use iron skillets?

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I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to Hardwood

  1. susan wooldridge says:

    Ahhh, Billie, thanks for reminding me to stand up from a squatting position (yes! I can do it, after years of yoga) and I’ll keep that ability thanks to you! And I only use iron skillets and have given them to my kids. Hooray! Yes, watching houses built today with plywood, black paper and styrofoam! is upsetting. Luckily my house has an old roller rink maple floor that was recycled….hooray, on runners so it’s raised like a dance floor. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the carpet on the stairs! Thanks for the wisdom. And for me, it’s A Course in Miracles (directly from holy spirit and Jesus) I read every day….starting my third time through since 2009. Radical forgiveness. Holiness and innocence. An unconditionally loving God only judging us as perfect creations….. xoxoxoox

    • Oh so you know THE BEAUTY, even the one who recycled bowling alley lanes making furniture and other pieces knows THE BEAUTY. I know you know the OTHER BEAUTY too, from old to new, new to old, we do not spoil the rest, but are made fresh.

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