God’s Iron

I love meeting my egg buyer at the community center; we usually always have a quick talk, where it seems God is always at the center of the conversation. Although this morning’s conversation could cause wrinkles, I know God has a way of ironing out my wrinkles, as long as I hang worries out to dry. As I came home talking to myself knowing that I see many people as houses, and that no one can clean another’s house, no matter how hard one tries they cannot clean a person’s home.

When I was in town yesterday at the store I wondered how many of the people I saw loved God. I could not tell by looking at them. I could not tell by the way they dressed. I could not even tell by their smiles or frowns. I could not tell by what they said that I heard at the store, words were few. But I am sure I would have known if I had spent some time with them talking. For isn’t what comes out ones mouth what lets you know God is present in their life. Listen close when you sit with someone who speaks of the goings on in this world.

I hang my clothes out to dry in the wind that blows out the wrinkles (this is not necessarily true yet, for I do not have a clothes line in which to cut the cost of the dryer, but hope to soon). What is actually meant by this statement, is God irons out my worry wrinkles, by being first in my house, inside. I once asked God for truth, knowledge. What He gave me blew my mind, like a powerful explosion, my earth shook crumbling my foundation. It has taken much healing to know God cleans our house inside, but not without being invited in. So in other words no one can clean another’s house. It is God inside who makes their house their home.

Many people are worried and so begin to fight in ways that maybe I do not understand. I believe the true fight is inside not outside. I believe that once the battle is won inside then you shine your surroundings like one would do a fine peice of silver, with a little elbow grease. I have much shining to do here at my home inside my house and outside my house. I have much that needs cleaned and shined. As trash piles were burnt yesterday, recyclables need to go to recycling centers. Cleaning and organizing making my animals quarters more clean, orderly, and livable, even inside my house much needs to be done.

My egg buyer mentioned bartering. Bartering is good but only when our heart is engraved in stone and agreed upon with both parties. This reminded of God, and that it was God who set the money system in place, the scale of equal measures. So what happened to the scale? Did money become ruler in our hearts, the root of evil, as greed for more stole our heart? I DO NOT love money. But I know it serves a purpose, providing equal exchange without grumble. If we can quit grumbling and do our part in the field maybe then everyone will eat at God’s table. Understand God has two fields. Which one you work in is up to you, but if you grumble you may find youself standing in a growing line, unemployed.

My egg buyer knows I do not make any money from the eggs I supply. She contributes a set amount which helps me buy the additional feed that the chickens are not supplied from free range. If a field of corn was grown in the vacant field then maybe the eggs would be free. Unfortunately the owner of that field isn’t me. So I have to depend on the other house to equal the score. As for my house I place God first, He equals everything equally within my house, my home. God is my home. He irons out my wrinkles.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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