What kind of liver are you?

What do you know about livers?

I know chicken livers can look quite healthy when dark red and firm, but there are also those other kind of livers that don’t look very healthy. Such as one from one of my chickens. There diet desperately needs to be changed. Although they are free range and eat alot of insects, green grass and other things I don’t see, they are also supplied whole corn to eat whenever they like. The liver of one looked mushy and pale red, almost a yellowish tint to it, the accumulated yellow fat inside the carcess was in excess. The other chickens liver was going in the same direction. The liver is suppose to filter out toxins from the blood, but when the liver breaks down where do the toxins go? One might ask theirself how much corn stuff is in the foods they themselves eat. Even though there has been a slight change of direction in what is in the foods purchased at the stores, and some people are more health concious then others. I thought this little bit of info. might help show that a healthy liver helps, and cleanses ones blood, but if your liver is not healthy then you might be poisoned.

I must I must stop drinking them damn sodas again. I know they do me no good. They are as addicting as things like cigarettes (thank God I gave those up many years ago cold turkey). Alcohol, alcohol, in excess does more harm than good. Can even cause one to not know who they slept with, (Bible story a lesson).

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I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to Livers

  1. susan wooldridge says:

    I wonder if the corn has gmos and if that’s bad for your chickens? Glad you’ve stopped smoking and good luck giving up sodas….

    • Yeah I am not sure about the lack of gmos in the corn, I know it avaiable but costly too. I have been free of that nasty vice for around thirty years and am so glad I stopped, soda’s I gave up soda’s in 2006 but I blame working again for the strat up. I know what I need to do but doing it is deficult.

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