God Smiles

I have never given much thought to evil other than what I heard, and what I heard I wanted no part, but yet as I grew up I look back now and see that I lived evil. Even though I had heard about God and Jesus I still did things I should not have. God and Jesus were not truly in my heart, they stood on the sidelines so to speak waiting for their turn to win hearts. I used drugs, lied, drank alcohol to an excess, stole from others, and sleep with people I should not have (I wasn’t sleeping). I got anger, at times, felt I was abused by my brothers in ways I will not say, but I still love them anyway. I was dished evil and lived evil. Till one day God knew my time was ending, like a pancake in a skillet I was done on one side, and was flipped to get done on both sides. Now I see the good in people. I do not love the evil in them but know God has His way of doing things. I do not pressure the point of God and Jesus in people’s lives, for I know from experience when doing so people turn away in judgment because you yourselves are not perfect, not fully seeing how separated we are, not fully understanding the power of God. I know the hands of the clock stop soon and so do I. I myself do not care who a person prays too, because it is in their heart, their secret room, where God listens and knows their time ends soon, like the changing of guards at the queen’s gate. God is patient, loving, and kind. If you see evil turn away, grow into the light where meaning and understanding is given, for it is best to mirror Gods loving face, as He is the winner of hearts who soon places Jesus at the head of the Church, Temple, BODY. If you pray with someone who believes something different than you do not make them stumble, but love the kind, loving person they are. The evil in people dies soon as the hands of their clock stop; rather it is the beat of their heart, or the flip to get done on the other side.  They will find and need love and understanding. When I flipped no one completely understood but yet I felt loved inside. I hand my life to God and His Son Jesus. I had heard about them when I lived evil and turned away from the pressures of those who tried to save. It is God who saved me from the evil one. It is God who gave me His Son. No one on earth can take Him away, even if they kill me, my body, I still am with the Son, till all come home loving God our Father.

Why would you try and change another who does you no harm. If the evil in a person does harm making you want to fight and change them, turn away, God will bless you, providing and protecting you from the evil one, who really resides inside of you. God holds the power of the hands on the clock that tick away.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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