Its about power usage.

Trying to narrow down the problem before John comes. I shut off as many breakers as I could before going to work yesterday. I also spoke to the ex Electrical Dept. Manager at work who is now in flooring but still has many years of knowledge of electrical. We talked and I learned some things but at the same time I remebered what he said had already crossed my mind. A wire in the ground may have a bare spot and may be bleeding off positive energy to the negative ground. For those of you who know nothing about electricity the earth is negative. The energy that flows through power lines is positive. When the 2 meet in a filment in a light bulb, it will give off light. However, if the positive wire underground traveling with the negative wire, and even without negative wire, the positive can bleed off into the ground and the meter not stop rolling, even more so when the ground is saturated with water as it is now from the excessive rains we have been having. I have kept the breaker off to my well. So far it appears that that may be where the problem lies. If the bare spot is small it will not trip a breaker but will appear to be using the positive energy that flows from the pole. In some cases corrosion begins and then either no energy can flow or not enough energy which will eventually keep the light bulb from becoming lite or a pump such as in my well, not having enough power to operate. Some of this is from past experience. The power line running from the pole to my house underground was damaged once and the culprits who were digging putting in the rural water line,warped duct tape around the wires and placed them back in the ground. The power I don’t think bleed off but the corrision built up over 2 years to the point the pump in my well no longer had enough power to operate. So I wonder now and I know I will soon know the truth behind the kilowatt usage that is not normal. Do we too bleed off our positive energy to the ground beneath our feet, like walking on hot coals, or do run to find water to cool our feet?

Soon Uriah may have digging chores to do if the problem really lies in the wires to the well.

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I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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