Hoe Diggers Horizons

The horizon sets and rises over and over again, day in, day out, night in, night out, like a spinning sphere of interest, education, understanding, and knowledge, learned and given. So many people ride the horizon of life, gaining much along the way, only to be thrown into a torrent flood of emotion, when there is nowhere to run from the storm and winds that rage. Some find the only place that is safe from these storms is a shelter underground. Some never make it and are taken away. Some experience life in its fullest of feelings, anger, hate, sorrow, fear, joy, and love, all spinning like in a bowl with mixer turned on high.  How can one help but be thrown in, in hope of helping someone they love. Even those they never met. In this life you never know when it may be our turn, to be in the mixing bowl of mixed emotions as waters rage all around.  I have family throughout this world some I have never met and probably never will, and some that may not consider me as family, but yet I have a heart that binds me to love all human beings even if I can’t reach out my hands to raise them up. When will we keep our money clean putting it through the laundry, making use of it to help others, rather than continue to feed wars that leave many with mixed emotions, and not let the root of evil continue to rage amongst the living, when the storms of nature are hard enough to deal with, those storms we cannot change. No money in the world can change the storms of nature, but a heart filled with love God hears, as his own hearts gather near and raise those up in times of need. Many large corporations such as the one I work for, where many come to remodel their home, and spend the money they earn paying the high cost because some steal and are dishonest, and even those who have little, reach out to help others in the storms of nature, while we continue do battle with the families in the world.  If I were given a choice of putting my tax dollars into guns and weapons of war, or putting them into the hands that hold hoes planting seed, I would choose the hoe diggers, finding their way through the rubble to find those still living, and in some cases those who have already passed on.


About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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3 Responses to Hoe Diggers Horizons

  1. susan wooldridge says:

    Yes, billie, hands reaching out….wonderful blog. Thank you.

  2. susan wooldridge says:

    I think I”ll go buy a hoe today…..

    • Susan, You mean to tell me you didn’t already have one :), many thanks for all your comments and love. Hope all is growing well inside, and new life outside in July :).

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