A view into the history of the washer.

Who were the washers in history?

In most pictures and stories you will NOT find the male species squatting along the riverbank scrubbing the clothes to get them clean, no, it was the women who scrubbed the clothes to make them clean. It has been the woman always carrying the blame, the burden from history, the sinner in the garden.

Women were the ones who washed the clothes at the riverside, scrubbing the clothes against stones.

Women were the ones washing clothes with a scrub board, a rippled glass or metal.

Then the maker of the washer came into existence. The washer then made use of the agitator in the center of the tub to clean the clothes. Now who became the washer, the machine? It was still women who added the clothes to be washed (males get into the act too). But now who was the washer and who was the maker?

Today a newer machine has come along no longer with an agitator, these are called high efficiency washers, they are made without an agitator in the center of the tub, but how clean can they get clean clothes? Some believe the washers with agitators get clothes cleaner using more water in the tub. I know that this newer machine doesn’t get stains out of my clothes, even sweat stains remain, so maybe I need to add clean clothes so they might remain clean.

These newer machines use very little water (most of the time) and cannot be fixed by the ordinary household fixer. They hold electrical sensors inside that sometimes have a mind of their own. In these I can only hope that love abounds inside my home, for I received calls from my sons yesterday telling me about the new machines mind sensor. It would not stop filling the tub with water, but this morning it appears to be working fine. Now since my son has gotten up he went through the scenario telling me his story about the washer’s abnormality just as the washer finished the load of towels I washed this morning without ailment. Now, where is the agitator, inside the tub or not? I hope my towels and clothes are clean.

By the way this new machine is a Samsung, less than a year old.

Just for measures, this is what my son did. When he saw the washer was filling almost to the top of the tub he powered the washer off, waited a few minutes, powered it back on, set it to rinse/spin cycle, it drained, then began to fill, not stopping fill again he powered off again, and powered on again, when it completely drained he powered off not letting it refill. So this morning me seeing the tub empty I washed the towels without a problem. Who fixed the sensors?

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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