The Fire of Doubt

Have you felt like you might be standing in the fire, the fire of doubt? If so, what is it like standing in the flames of the fire? Do you struggle to get out from amongst the flames? Flames are forever trying to pull you down, down to your knees. Or are you already there on your knees standing amongst the flames of fire. How could you be standing but yet on your knees? Hope can bring you up from the fire of doubt. Hope can be just beginning the healing, within the flames of doubt. I felt last night as I had an itch what if I have Lyme disease, for I have gotten bit by the ticks. I should have at that moment kicked that busted thought right out from my head, but I didn’t, and suddenly a fever began to rise, I soon had dry heaves, and later my stomach gave way right up through my throat and out my mouth. Always a relief when it’s all gone and I know my body is healing. Now for my thoughts, IF I can just keep them clean, and not let doubt take hold, no disease will have a foot hold. Living in the fire of doubt I am out, living in the flames of my LOVE, my LOVE, my Father, GOD, HELPS, He gave me His Son, whom I call JESUS. With my doubt it is slowly being washed away. In my home I will remain, till I am taken, whether it is in this life, or I live in another’s life. Might it be that spirits live amongst us, helping JESUS, bring us home, to GOD? Where is GOD? Could it be GOD is in the flames of our Faith? Think for a moment and consider; how many spirits live in your thoughts? You have good and bad thoughts. From them many of us make choices, to love some thoughts and not others. Are you too slowly being washed, as you make good choices in the life you live. May you be washed in the fire of doubt, and rise to stand on the footstool of the Living GOD with both feet clean never leaving one foot without the other, for two make you stable, even if it might be a crutch that helps support you as you stand. GOD can and has sent His Support. Do you recognize the Support He sends each and every day? God sent His Support to JESUS through the Disciples who walked with JESUS.  Who was His Support?  I thought it was JESUS! OHHHH it was His LOVE!!!!, right right from His HEART, right through ours. The story I choose to love, not in sickness.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to The Fire of Doubt

  1. Kip says:

    This is too complicated for me to understand.

    • That may be true for some if not most of my writings, I have had people say they had to read and give thought to understand. I believe this is mostly done by way of one’s heart. Thanks for your comment.

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