Sisters of God

In a world without sin is a world in which Love lives in. In Love no sin can exist and so is cleansed. Consider we are of the earth and so we are a world, each individual. My world is not like yours, for there is no one on earth who is identical in all ways. Even if we experience the same things we still are not identical, look at our DNA. When sin no longer exist within then it is where Love lives. When Love steps out into the crowded streets of life continue living in Love. Do not stumble and fall to your grave like so many have in ages past. Love does clean our bowl of life. Within our heart our bowl can be cleansed and leave us standing to live again. It is true, that live spelt backwards is evil, but I am not in evil, I live each and every day as I heal. There is story in the Bible where Israel wrestled with God and soon left being blessed. Who was he really wrestling with? Was he really wrestling with the past? Was he so worried about the present of what he had done in the past to his brother so many years ago, thinking that his brother was still holding a grudge, but when he let this go which was the evil of God, within himself, the good of God blessed him, which by the way was within him. So this where we actually do battle, not holding a sword to our brothers, and sisters. Remember we are of the earth each and every individual. The earth is our resting place that our Loving God promised to the meek. Are we the meek, here and now? Can you let the evil go turning your cheek? I take a step today, not yesterday, nor tomorrow, but today. For yesterday is dead and will not rise, and tomorrow is not here, for it will never arrive.  I live here and now with God by my side, not in sickness or in death for those have been left behind. This does not mean I am perfect in every way; I am not, am I? What this does mean is I have a choice to live, or not. I have brothers and sisters, a mother, and a father. Some are no longer here living in a physical body, but yet they remain living within my heart, sometimes we gather as a family sitting at the table of chatter.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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