Go Figure

In numbers this could mean many things a gain or a loss. For instance the company you work for says you get 2 weeks’ vacation a year, 80 hours. Ok, how do they figure that when you accrue it over time? I know one gives out in doses, while the other takes doses. A little here every day one gets punched but it does not equal in guts, a little there every day another gains, but if you look and exam the fact closely you might see you are short changed, while on the other hand the mountain grows. A true 2 weeks is not 80 hours, for if you figure 365 days a year divided by the 2 weeks which is 80 hours you are short changed while the company gains. From one hand to the other, in truth I lay down my sword and do not fight for I take a little dose every day, for I know that the company is quite generous in the vacation they supply to the workers who stay, even if it almost requires going to ones grave. If you consider that most are buried in the grave of the earth, you might see the strongest root is in the earth. What tree does not have roots planted deep into the earth? I know not of one. But on the other hand I know God is quite generous, when the sword is laid down. There we rise in knowledge and truth, looking at the brighter side of life every day.  So no matter what is dished out onto your plate there is always a brighter side if you just listen. Sometimes that requires being quiet finding your peaceful place inside. Now after this entire story one must figure and account for leap year, there you will find the doses are nearly equal to the thousandth. 365 days a year, x 3, plus 366 days for leap year, equals 1461 days in 4 years. 8o hours vacation @ year, x 4 years, equals 320 hours of vacation. 320 hours divided by 1461 days equals .2190. We know not the day, or the hour, that the Lord Our God enters our life, but I find balance is quite rewarding. I have been eating for 8 years from my Father’s plate. I have not lost my mind but have gained a greater LOVE, and so I continue to write. Who might read and understand?

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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