Love of the Weeping Willow


Over several years now I have been grasping the differences between potted trees, bare root trees, and trees from seed. I have found that potted trees may be root bound and do not stretch their root system well, sometimes they will chock their self and die. Bare root trees are usually smaller when received and planted so do much better then their potted brother. I have started some trees from seed and find they don’t require much water given by me. I can’t trace their roots for they are hidden from my sight, but I am sure they have a good tap root that reaches deep down in the earth bringing the needed water and nutrients from below.  



Potted one planted around 2003

Potted one planted around 2003

I have a weeping willow planted from a pot and half of it is dead, but last year when I did some trimming of the lower stems I brought some in and put in a jar of water. It took some time but they stayed green and formed roots. I soon planted them in pots. In this early spring I had 4 that I had planted in the fall. 2 I gave to people I knew and 2 I kept. I planted them in the ground about a month ago and have given them plenty of water. They seem to be growing faster now that they have a place to spread their roots easily. In the pots they grew rather slowly not forming a big root system so they were not root bound like many bought confined for many years in containers. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know weeping willows love to be planted near water but these are not, so time will tell how well they do.


I love the weeping willow, I not sure if has to do with a story of long ago, but I think might. We were at my grandmother’s house in Riverbank, CA. She had a huge weeping willow in the front yard. One day when we were there my mother said “quick go get me switch from the weeping willow”, back then when we needed a wiping the wipes from the tree worked well. I ran and got it thinking it was to be used on my brother. When I handed it to my mother she used it on me. When I asked way I was the one getting the wiping, she said I was in too big a hurry to get her the switch. What did I learn, slow down don’t get in a hurry, for the love of the weeping willow will stand to wipe again and again.






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I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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  1. Debra DuHoux says:

    I watched you plant that Willow tree…

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