Past Haunts

When a person is haunted by the actions of another, is it the person who once lived that haunts or the person who is living now? Is the person who once lived still living or is the person who once lived changed being a new person? Not understanding that past actions of others can haunt as they play a part in the lives people live today is a hard road to conquer. How can one eliminate the haunting? No matter how hard I try to not worry I still am concerned with love in my heart for my son. For I know what the drug he has used in the past can do to a person for years to come. I know not from experience that this drug can rule a person’s life making them feel superior while it drags them to their grave. How does one eliminate the worry or concern for others in their life? Some turn away from those who they say they love creating a stone wall within their heart, their fortress. Hope and prayer can help but it also requires proof. How does one get proof? Who is the proffer? Looking at, proof is yeast in cooking. So what role does yeast play in our life that can cause bubbling? Are we the bread that rises from worries as yeast is added? Yeast does not worry nor does it have concern with love. Could yeast be the past living in our lives today that we must wade through to find the truth, flattening the road of worry and concern as we stop and listen to the stories of others who have once placed the haunting inside our own being. My son finally came home last night. He told me his story. It is up to me to believe or not believe his story, flattening the yeast that tried to rise, but it is up to him to understand how he plays a part in the haunting of today as he carries the load of love into tomorrow. Could he be the living truth that flattens the bread eliminating the worries and concerns of the past with love, providing within himself a place for the lamp to shine?

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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4 Responses to Past Haunts

  1. Nancy bento says:

    I am very glad he came home. Let him know all you ask next time is a simple phone call. Good luck Billie.

    • Beautifully written dear Billie, and know that all you can do is the best you can, and you do that, again and again, and your loyalty and love and caring are reaching your son’s soul whether or not he can let you know, and that one day his path will be full of light, we just can’t control when…..
      Love, Susan

      • Thanks Susan 🙂 for the added support. On a grander note Uriah although his times are rough he is learning limits can be good as he is now without a phone for awhile, due to lack of funds.

    • He sent an email last night which I didn’t see till this morning so I suggested a phone call. Thanks 🙂

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