Foot Rot

The other day a man and his wife stopped by wanting to know if I might sale them one of my goats. They wanted a male and knew I had 2. I needed to get rid of one anyway. I choose to sale them Charlie and keep Junior. I took them so they could get a closer look at Charlie. While looking the man mentioned, not accusingly, as he stated some people don’t know they need to trim goat hoofs. I looked and saw that I hadn’t been aware of the need, and stated I didn’t know they were that bad. The man agreed upon a very reasonable price but didn’t want to come and get Charlie right away. I was concerned about my lack of hoof care and so bought 2 small hand held pruning shears the day before yesterday. The day I also made the place that would hold Charlie’s head while I trimmed his hoofs. We had a good rain yesterday so I had to wait till this morning. I coaxed Charlie with grain to a small bucket where I put some feed and locked his head in place. I began with the back hoofs seeing I waited much to long, he was way overdue for foot care. I did the best I could cleaning out the rot as I could tell from the smell. Charlie’s hoofs were done by no professional and look that way too but they are on their way to healing. I will give them a few days before I checking on them and maybe applying some antiseptic too.

I do have thank God for the people who came and brought it to my attention about Charlie’s hoofs. They were bad but not real bad. I imagine some goat hoofs are worse from lack of love and care.

Soon Ester and Junior will get there hoofs done too. Maybe they will look more professionally done.

One other thing the man said he had good strong boys/men to get Charlie loaded, but I think coaxed with feed will be the best thing since Charlie was never trained on lead but loves grain.

This takes me to a story as I watched from a distance one day, laughing, as my neighbors were trying to load a hog to taken to be processed. They were having an awful time; I would have to say the hog was winning the wrestling match, as I saw one fall to the ground trying to manhandle the hog. I just laughed knowing that one day I coaxed hog back home with a bucket of grain.

I also have to thank God for the lessons in life even though some lessons are hard to swallow and can cause sourness or bitterness that soon pass, it is love that cleans the feet from the rot that we once walked, and our love stands firm in the shadows of the past bringing brighter days  to come.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to Foot Rot

  1. Susan w says:

    Wish I could see a video of you trimming goat hooves. Love this post. Thanks Billie! Love, susan

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