Iron Post of Love

I recently wrote about a gabion, there is meaning behind it for me. I began building it when my son Ezra was here. It is my pillar of strength, an Iron T post in the center is God, His great Love, round the outer edges are stones, this is Jesus supporting the iron rod. I am the pillar that is wobbly but I am given strength by the iron rod and stones, God and Jesus support me, holding me up in my time of trials, remaining a loving mother not losing love. I hope my love shines like a little beacon of light from the mountain top guiding the sailing ships to shore. I know some maybe lost at the water’s edge crashing into the rugged jagged rocks, and some maybe lost at sea. But I know stories true or not are like a calming sedative when I love the story. If the story is not loved within me, my heart, then it thrown out of my house, out of me. I choose to love my son no matter what, for I know it is within his own heart that he himself must go in and ask forgiveness for the path he has laid. I have been through enough in my life to see how the Love of God works in our life. I see the change that has taken place in me when I thought God was not a part of my life. I see the change that took place in me, when God began cleaning my house when I made a choice to ask to know the truth. It was a sudden change, an emotional flood, which has taken many years of continued love which I do not regret nor let go of, allows giving thanks to God and Jesus for strength of love and understanding.
Sometimes we have to take a look back at the lives we once lived in order to make the necessary changes in the steps we take to clean where we have walked. I can only hope my son listens as he reads what I write. I hope others out there too can give support as their stories help others make changes. We are the seeds of change; our stories are the seeds, which are planted in other hearts. It is their heart that is the soil, it may be fertile now.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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