I went and saw my son today. He told me that when I asked him to get his belongings out of my house that I did not want them here, that I took the only foundation he had from him.

There are many foundations in our life, many fall into ruin as the earth beneath our feet shakes and we must make changes in our life.

My old foundation was pulled out from under me; this old foundation had many cracks that were never repaired. When this house fell I found out quite suddenly that my love for God was there, and He began building a new foundation for me to stand the test of time. My foundation wobbles but I hold onto what I believe is the greatest of all loves.

I go through many trails with my son. He tells me his story and I do my best to not be his judge. I know the true judge resides within his own heart. Within my sons’ own heart the stronger house will be built and provide a strong foundation, but it requires my sons’ constant participation. It can easily be pulled and swayed if he is not careful in the choices in his life. Sometimes this even requires turning away from family and friends in order to make good choices in our lives. If we continue to step backwards into the muck then it maybe that we were headed in the wrong direction and our hooves needed to be cleaned before rot sets in and we waste away. I am not my sons’ judge. His judge lives inside his heart. Even when released from prison, we have many struggles in our life. If our foundation is strong than our house is strong and remains well. Love builds a strong house on a strong foundation that neither rots nor decays or is blown away in the winds of time. This is our love. One love can crumble underfoot, the other will not. This one builds a strong house upon a strong foundation. This foundation must be built not alone, but with God at the stern of our ship, pushing us along as the captain of our ship is at the helm, guiding us through rough waters. In the center of our ship is our heart. Is it full of LOVE? God is LOVE, and answers our call. Do you hear God calling us home? Our heart is God’s home. Is He home yet? Prepare your house for His coming, waiting is not a pleasant experience but is a lasting one. Although some of us are quite surprised when God comes, we do not regret Him waking us from our sleep. We find a great healing begins as we listen to the stories at the helm of our ship as they intertwine with love in our heart and our feet are slowly cleansed.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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