A Hint of Light


When we think we are helping are we really? People affect the people around them; sometimes it is quite a struggle, a mixture of dark and light. If they are both dark would there be struggle, or if they were both filled with light would there be struggle? What is the dark? Is the dark being like in a dark tunnel only seeing a hint of light at the end, a straight and narrow path if one does not turn their back on the light? If they turn away from the hint of light what is there, but more darkness without any sight. If you are filled with light like when coming out of the dark rather it be a tunnel, birth channel, closet, prison, or just waking with full sight, it can be quite terrifying, like living from one day to the next without any support. If someone supports you and you are in the dark and them in the light you may not see nor understand the support they give. If the light blinds you with fear of the unknown then it may be time to go and heal turning every stone to find your way through life standing on your own 2 feet. Every time we think we are doing something good for someone else we may get slapped if they themselves don’t see what you did as being good. Within each and everyone’s heart we choose where we walk, sometimes we stumble, sometimes there are others there to help support, sometimes there is no one there (but God), and we must pick ourselves up brush off the dirt and begin our walk again. I often wonder where my son would be today had I turned my back long ago. I love my son very much but it is within himself to see that love. I cannot force him to see nor accept. My life has not been easy like many others I am sure. I was born with 2 parents who soon divorced, when my little brother was still quite young there was a big fight between my step dad and mother and she went through the window with my little brother, my father showed up and I later heard he got shot in the foot. I grew up having a number of step dads one who did NOT respect a young ladies right, but I knew from within my heart better than let him violate me, I later lost my mother to ALS some years down the road. My father I found dead on the floor from a stroke. I wasn’t the honest of individuals growing up but knew I did wrong a guilt that carried with me till I know now God has forgiven me. One day I hope my son see’s and understands I am only human with error written on my forehead but within my heart error is removed and maybe one day the soles of my feet will send a shining beam of light to someone else’s heart as a guiding light out of the dark and into the living, for God is our Love. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to A Hint of Light

  1. Susan w says:

    Powerful, thank you….

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