Living Through Tribulation

Tribulations, what does tribulation mean to you? Do you fear rapture, an end and beginning?

Tribulation and rapture go hand in hand. Tribulation could be the loss of a loved one. So many in the world experience this tribulation every day, and they survive the rapture the flood of emotion, beginning without the body of the loved one. They live in memory surviving and beginning a new. Many however follow this path of death and destruction, tribulation over and over again, struggling to survive a rapture they don’t understand. A flood of fear is a tribulation, surviving this tribulation/rapture begins a new life. Some go back to old ways living the past over and over again. Others find the new path leads them to the pasture of rest. Within the heart of a kind Father there is no fear of tribulation and rapture.

It is my belief that God provided us a new path, one without struggle. This path is not easy; it is a hard road to follow. It requires becoming like our Father. Our Father has a great patience and calmness that wins our hearts. God provided us Jesus to bring us home within our heart. Within is the greatest love that can ever live. This love is living for God.

God did and does provide us free choice. I choose to love Him with all my heart and hope others find the new path through Jesus as well. Within God there is no fear, it doesn’t and cannot exist. Fear lives outside in the dark of the world. Once the dark is gone you’ll see God all around and within, opening eyes to now no longer asleep.

We all live through tribulations. A flood of tribulations is an opening of extremes all at once, this is a rapture, suddenly seeing or experiencing feelings of love all at once. Rapture is the beginning of the end. There you live in torment or you live through the rapture within a loving heart. There is no greater heart than our Loving Father God who gives us Jesus as our strong hold.

This post came after reading this post, like a seed that grows:

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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