Growing Up

If growing up is like walking around with head high and a hardened heart then I do not want to grow up and become old in age living as my ancestors.

I want to live like a child, adventitious, this is where I came from but I was no accident.

Without the love I searched for and wanted and hoped for in my life, and found not a true love, an unexpected love was found.

There I have grown in love of the solitude.

There is no one in my house that is boss.

Love inside gives and takes like the sharing of a plate.

Consume too much and it goes to your head where fame leads to death.

Become nourished and know when you have had enough, consume no more, drink from the well the living stream.

I know that deep within my heart a love exist that no one knows it is so deep within my well it dwells alone like an endless stream.

Is this the place of my gut?

A feeling so deep inside that has passed through my heart, my liver and through my gut.

Love provides me nourishment and goes on its way nourishing the ground beneath my feet, while at the same time it never leaves me. Love is my God. I leave nothing to rot or decay; it is consumed in a living way. The earth below my feet lives and provides life. The only thing that rots is in the way that blocks the flow of our living God. Some lives rot away while others flow like angels never again to grow old.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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