An ark is a covenant that was first given from God to Noah as he built the ark that carried much love. On board this ark of love was love for his family that came, love for the animals that were brought aboard, like a new farm. It was from these new seeds that grew yet another world. A world where many still live in a black and white world, without seeing the love that God gave in the rainbow that blends all life into one.

Still again in Moses day God gave the world another ark to hold His love, like a burning flame in the night. 2 tablets were written by the hand of God, a set of rules that are embedded in our hearts. We are like the ark that holds us in the night; waiting for us to see the rainbow in the sky. After a good cry the colors begin to blend all life into one, the show of tears washes away the past and change begins inside.

For some though it required that God send yet another son one that would not lose heart for the love God gives and not be stole by the thieves in the night. When this man was born he was given the name Jesus. Jesus has stood faithfully within his heart to prove that even though the body may die love still remains in the heart of those who have goodness in their heart. Goodness is so rare that it is not easily seen nor understood, but yet continues to grow. From within a dim light love grows like in the ashes that have been kept warm inside the ark. A new flame emerges as dried twigs are tossed in to raise the never ending glow of love from long ago. A flame so rich and warm it is like sitting before the fire at the hearth, sitting at the campfire after catching a huge load of fish.

On board shore Jesus still gathers those willing to listen as He proves a new life exists after the storm and a new one is born giving life to the world providing the inheritance of Love, not selling out to the thief, the mocker of life.

God’s ship continues to be built within each and every heart as we choose to walk the path of faith within the furnace of life. Change in the world is slow but within strong hearts we lay down our sword and plow the new land that God gave to the world. This is not battle outside ourselves the fighting in the world of today, but a battle God wins from inside as the world spins from night today and the brighter light shines, bearing a new seed.

If you feel rage beginning within yourself it might be anger instead of the purest of Love. When this anger sends out sparks it is like a wild fire burning the world. How do contain both good and evil within the same house?

With a good look in the mirror you might just see the eyes of the beholder are within thee, but there you must take it to heart and believe. We have been fed from child birth this world we see; now it’s time to be born again. For some this life will live over and over again till the greater Love wins and the endless world of life remains living inside, a new life born. Living for both God and Jesus in this colorful life of rainbows.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to Ark

  1. amoafowaa says:

    Beautiful article about containing the self in God.

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