Friendship Is Nourished

I live on an old country dirt road, not far from neighbors, a hop skip and jump and a few more steps might get me to their place, not in arms reach like in the city. My place is a small cream colored brick house with front porch and cedar swing where I sit many a morn and watch the sun rise in the east, of all places. Sometimes the chill can reach my bones if I don’t warp up in a quilt with my favorite French Roast in hand, sipping and wetting my taste buds for the day ahead.

I hear the birds sing their delight of daylight, as others of the night take rest. My animals just got fed before my morning coffee began. My goats are usually the ones who wake me with their bleating, of get up and feed me, now. The cats, the dog, the chickens all tended to before my coffee begins to make its way down in through me.

I love the morning the best because it holds in its hand much for the world to see like a flower that begins to open to the light of day. Within the flower honeybees come to gather nectar and pollen for the honeybee queen’s hive. We too go out like the honeybee and gather at many places. Some of us go in a hurry to get to work, to the job we hold that provides us our nectar and pollen for the days to come. Some go to place worship in small or sometimes larger buildings gathering with others building their home. While still others go short distances outside, building the soil beneath their feet making it fertile for the good seeds, which many plant in the spring for harvest at a later time. We all make the world beginning in our heart. If only we could learn to accept that this world we live in as having many places with borders, all having different beliefs and customs, like the many puzzle pieces of this world, our home is our border where we live. If we could just learn how to accept and respect another’s place of worship and quit trespassing trying to change people, or breaking in like a thief to steal there peace of mind. I write and I speak I do not do it to try and change people. I do not set rules and laws to live by. I write and speak in hope that what I say and do will be accepted, as well as I listen to what others have to say and I see them do, learning to accept that persons way of living, not doing harm to me. When I do not accept another or they themselves do not accept, then turmoil in our world begins. When I sit down and listen to what someone says I eat with them. It goes through me like food. It can be nourishing and changing my world inside or it can turn to poop. But when I open my mouth disliking what I ate. My tongue has not been tamed, and then the person I eat with also will have something to say, unless at least one of us holds a greater love inside, where we choose to not battle with one another.  Our true battle with the world outside begins inside, when we do not accept another person’s way of life. I learn to eat with Jesus and not battle with another. If you have something to say it may be nourishing to me. If you have nothing to say then you do feed me. This is when I leave the table and go to the other table where conversation feeds and breeds friendship at:

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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