Released Prisoners

There are many people in this world that we cast judgment on, without taking into account the story where Jesus said to those who had been chasing the woman to cast the first stone.

Do we cast the stone every time we ourselves judge someone else, not knowing each and every one must grow and change?

Are we in a hurry carrying the scythe to cut and burn what think as weeds, so the winds will blow the chaff away.

It is hard, I know, especially if someone is not of your own clan, to take that individual by the hand and forgive them of their sin, and help them see the Teacher of their life is with them, but that they themselves must first choose to not return sin for sin.

I have several individuals in my own family who are in prison, or have been released from prison, but yet remain in a spiritual prison. What can I do? But hope that they soon see someone loves them. I have begun to reach out in hope that those in prison or not prison, soon are released from the spiritual prison, and listen to the Teacher as their life unfolds and they walk a new life as their feet become clean.

I do not have much, but have begun to open my home with much love in my heart, giving someone a roof over their head. I do not know this person, but my son does. It is someone my son loves, and I hope soon they are bound by that love, in hope no sin remains in them.

I also have others. One convicted, pleading guilty of the same crime another one plead not guilty. The one pleading not guilty was released and has been living outside of prison walls for some time. The other, I hope I can help by offering a roof over his head, giving him a place to be released too whenever that time comes. He has been in prison for many years. I was in a sort of prison some years ago, for a very short period of time. The world changes so quickly that even though my time in prison at home was very short, when I reentered the working world, had it not been for God and his healing power of His Son, I would be in flip world, not being able to cope living between my home in rural Ville, Goshen, and the city life. Flip world happens when the world continues to change quickly, and prisoners are locked away. When they are released they cannot cope with the changes in the world. Many end up right back in prison. My hope is to give my nephew a chance to heal from prison life, and make a new start out side when he feels comfortable to enter the city. Healing does not take place in cities where prisoners are forced to get a job and begin paying fines that the laws have imposed on them. Many of those individuals, who live under that law, may be individuals in your own family, as mine, who cannot cope as slaves to the laws of the city. It cannot be done putting prisoners into city life. They need a transition period between city and prison. This I believe is in a rural life setting where they can help tend the farm, giving those released from prison a chance to heal before they enter into the cities.

Do you hear and understand?


About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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3 Responses to Released Prisoners

  1. I am a firm believer, that work farms would be wonderful! they set them up for the mentally handicapped in MT, Old McDonald’s Farm A great program!

    • Yes, I totally agree, they have them for the younger people and I also read about one for those coming back from war as they too need that transition time. Although I think it would be good for the prisoners to have work farms while still incarcerated in hope of making the connection to our Creator not just the prison jobs inside, but have the choice to be outside in the fields providing food. As I know my nephew had a job in the laundry, but I know not of a farming field growing crops. We (farmers) go to other countries to help third world countries, but what about here the third world here, our family and friends in prisons?

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