Organ Eaters

From several books I have read, this is information I have gained.

The threshold, of my life, as I believe the foundation of strength is a different approach, seeing old ways and entering in.

Kidney Soup, does anyone have a recipe?

Liver braised over hot coals?

Hearts and gizzards served?

Oh my, oh my.

A book I read about Holistic: like treats like is the method.

A vitamin and mineral book I am just finishing: liver, as well other animal organs are referenced as containing the most in needed vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

It takes a lot of heart to go to the kid knees and find the liver is the cleanser of all organs.

Jesus lived for me, now might I live for Jesus?

Come join me and live for Jesus.

The nut of all nuts gathered in the tree.

From the root that spread far and wide to the branches in the great sky.

May we rest our wings and fly.

Oops I missed your head.

Just a little humor today!

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to Organ Eaters

  1. Always grossed my kids out I grew up on fresh venison liver and onions! Still love it!

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