As My World Spins

When the world outside your body begins to feel as if it is spinning and you are not, but you find you reach out to hold onto something that should not move, something solid, or you find yourself leaning as the world spins, it might just be something from within that is causing your world to spin.

For several mornings when I rose from my bed I felt my world spinning. I reached for my bed holding onto something solid. One morning I just sat on the edge of the bed before completely rising, waiting for my world to quit spinning. I found that once I was up I was fine and my world didn’t spin any more. I continued about my day. By the 3rd day 1/10/2015, when I was at work and I looked up and then bent down, when doing so I felt my world was trying to spin. I finally gave in and went to the Doctor to find out what was going on, to end my worry of something really bad wrong, like my heart or cancer. A place I did not want to go, but I choose to end the worry. I guess sometimes we just need to be reinsured that everything is okay, even though I have no insurance and had to pay out the pocket. Thank God my cost was minimal.

Prior to going to work though, I stopped at Ozark Natural Foods and talked to them about my situation, thinking I might have the onset of an ear infection. I purchased some ears drops, and was informed about vertigo, which is a spinning of your world inside, making you feel as if you have no control over your body. What are those little spirits doing inside, grouping together causing an imbalance, instead of being spread out inside the gel pack where they belong?

Anyway that’s kind of how it was explained to me, by the Doctor (other than she did not use the term spirits). Within our inner ear we have what appears as a snail which is where there are like gel packs of crystals (calcium). When these get lodged together they can cause vertigo, a lack of control over your body making your head feel as if the world is spinning and you are not. This is not a fun feeling even though my son Ezra laughed when I told him about an ear infection I had many years ago and the loss of control as I rose from my bed and was thrown back on my bed.

I do have to say if I ever have to see another Doctor I sure hope it is her. I told her a bit about God, Jesus, and Spirit and how they have become huge a part of my life. Experiencing the positive and the negative and choosing what is right for me. She understood my belief, and has a Spiritual belief of her own wanting to work toward homeopathy as her father had. I hope she does.

My prescription: exercises, was the priority. She did give also give me a medication prescription which she said I may not need, but could have filled if I needed. She also told me I could use the ear drops that had purchased that they would not hurt since there was a little fluid in one ear. She also told me I could continue the cod liver oil that I had recently started, because my heart was fluttering like it was before I started riding my bike a lot, like it was when I was driving truck. But since I have not continued riding the bike the flutters came back. However she said my heart was good when she listened to it and my blood pressure is not out of whack. So all in all I am quite well even though my joints and ligaments need a good work out, being lubricated like a vehicles engine, because they creak. Now if I can just get the motivation to move that blood throughout like good cleansing the cities within, I might just feel the positive effect of lightness, like I once felt long ago in 2005 when all I did was choose to heal rather than have surgery, that is when I saw the swarm of dragonflies, but when negative struck me from someone else my head turned and the positive lightness I experienced left. All came out well anyway. What I experienced was something I needed to experience to become who I am today. A great believer in God, Jesus, and Spirit, sometimes we have to play our part in our inner world, to begin the cleansing process. One of the first steps is inside before reaching out to help stabilize your friends and neighbors, like the removal of the plank then the sliver.

My world stopped spinning after the first exercise and the use of ear drops that same evening. I continued the exercises till today the 12th. I know I have had similar sensations in the past that didn’t continue and didn’t repeat every day; those may have been from the inner room near the snail as well.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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6 Responses to As My World Spins

  1. Debra DuHoux says:

    Interesting…I would advise you to continue with the exercising. As you age things start to fall apart! Just ask nancy and I!!! Hahahaha…boy, it seems every year some part of us decides to give up and go wacko!! At the early age 64 nancy has Cateracts. The little stuff to big stuff never ends…so, be aware and see a doctor often! Take care!

  2. Yes, Keep moving Billie, you’ve inspired me to go out and walk right now!
    Love, Susan xoxoxo

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