Twenty Minute Walk

This morning’s sky was a brilliant color as the sun began to rise, as I went out to feed the animals. After I had my coffee I knew, know I needed to go for a walk. Walking without slowness because I am not in pain, I traveled a half mile and back at a good pace. Positive reinforcements are needed in my blood as I feel a battle of the red and whites. Who wins in this case I hope it will show in time. I am not sick but just know there is something out of whack. Jesus needs my help as He cleans my body’s innards within, flowing through my veins. With me participating in the match I will not fall to the ground, but will stand on a solid foundation. With LOVE at the top as my hat my world inside becomes balanced again. I go nowhere without, but with, I travel many roads.

What I took in in this walk, was fresh cool morning air, with the hint of chicken farm as the scent, not the scent that burns eyes and leaves a cloud hanging over head, horses, ponies, and mules in the field, just hanging out. Twigs and limbs lying about along the fence line where county worker riding high on their equipment with rotating blade ripped limbs, no man power there, just men at work. Not long ago there was a different crew of men out from the electrical company who actually came back around cleaning up after their selves supplying wood chips free.  As my walk continued the birds sung in the distant trees as good morning Billie. Mornings are good and I hope to take more walks as my days continue. They are refreshing supplying oxygen to my blood, so much is needed to help cleanse this inner working city that wants to serve.  May my plate serve you as your life changes and becomes new?

I have a new phone and plan now are giving up the internet hotbox. I found it actually cost less then what I was paying before allowing me to use my phone as a hotspot. Although plan is limited to 1GB this limit is good and gives me time to work on myself and hopefully a book. A vision and dream I hope comes true as I hope this helps provide a more solid for my son when finally comes home from prison again. I also hope to provide a place for my nephew too whenever he is released.  I will provide more on this in the days to come, as I participate in the vision/dream come true. So with access from laptop to phone to wherever this goes may go may it plant a new seed in you?

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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