Endless Cycle of Change

We see every morning the cycle continues as the sun rises in the east providing us daylight as darkness goes away for another day.
So does most everything else in this world, an endless cycle of buy this today, throw it away tomorrow till the earth coughs it finally breath and we no longer breathe but get blown away like a cloud of dust.
The cycle of change is our command, many vines carry bunches of acrobats eliminating this and that, trying to survive the holocaust of waste.
I see so much being thrown away it sickens me, but in order for me to remain sane I have to turn what many call a blind eye, but my eyes and heart aren’t blind as my stomach churns, like the earth churns our waste into a fiery butter. Soon I might be like the earth and spit it all out, as balls of flaming fire shoot out. Maybe that is what this writing is all about, so I won’t become a raging mad woman with a full head of snakes not attached, unable to see but yet I know deep in my hearts sight the acrobats hold tight working and shining more souls as we change inside.
Look at the thrift stores we have grown while others close doors only to rise again till all is burned or melted into raw ore by our earthly mother who bore us all, till we plough the fields once more, no longer drilling and mining her precious skin making even more worthless than before all the while her waters are polluted and trashed.
Where does it all end? It ends where we love to live as cleaner uppers find a way to stop the waste and recycle all that we can, a battle won from inside each heart that is opened. Our home is just a drop in the recycle bucket while the hugh boxs sells us, more and more and more till we say no more. I want QUALITY not quantity. This is where the almighty dollar stops and OUR CREATOR SHINES as the earths hole is filled and quanity lives no more. This is where we choose QUALITY not quantity.
The more we have of family, friends and neighbors the sooner we can go swimming, that’s what is called play time when all chores are done and FATHER rests knowing we made the right choice FINALLY.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to Endless Cycle of Change

  1. Alan Baglien says:

    consumption is conspicuous now days! No one stops to see if it is good or bad prior to consumption either, thanks Billie!

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