Spirit of the Land

My heart holds a speck of love not seen from the darker side. But as light appears a sliver is seen, as it grows so does the seed in the soil, becoming plump loving water. Ready to give birth, the plump seed sends out a root, one goes down to support while the other reaches for the light above. With first breath it steps out of the cave. Into the light it grows, as the light begins to grow smaller. Now the little seedling is on its own in the darkest part of its life till time passes away. Nearing the darkest hour the little seedling sees the moon as it begins another round of applause to the Greater Spirit of Heaven and Earth for the waking of yet another child who holds Love and Honor for all that has and will be. For even at night there is light in the heavens shining, even when we are on the darker side, this is where Hope comes in.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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