Good Business Practice

Which business do you love doing business with?

Some years ago I didn’t want to change my oil so I took it to a little garage not far from here. I had other work done there and liked going there, kinda like back yard mechanic but with business name and garage. However that time I found the mechanic didn’t top off the oil and I faintly remember there was something else to cause concern. This same mechanic charged my friend for services that she later found out were never done by the love of a co-workers backyard boyfriend mechanic.

I have been doing business with a particular tire shop for some years never having an issue. Loved the prices. My son however wasn’t happy with the service and later had to have work redone and work done that he had asked to be done. Over the past several weeks I have had a lite vibration in my steering wheel. Concerned and knowing I had some movement on the driver’s tie rod (which I didn’t understand because both had been changed over the past couple years one by me, not that one) so I took it in. The mechanic said the wheels had thrown the weights and he rebalanced them (it didn’t cost because I bought the tires there), I said huh but what about this, as I showed him the play in the rod. He said oh a little play is normal (in all my experience of working on my own vehicle that statement I felt wasn’t true but I didn’t push my belief). I left and the vibration was still there. I made a trip to Joplin and back to pick up Uriah, highway driving and concerned about the front end.

Yesterday morning I decided to check my wheel bearings as this is where I thought the vibration might be coming from. There was play in both wheels as I held the wheel and found movement top to bottom. I really didn’t want to deal with it and called around about taking it in. I would have to leave it or go tomorrow which is now today. I finally decided to do it myself, even though hot outside, I parked under the huge oak tree still alive after being hit twice by lightening and loosing over half its growth. This is what I found prepared to replace wheel bearings. Bearings looked good no heat discoloration or pits on one side. I cleaned repacked and tightened properly, no play. The other side I found the race spun inside hub, so using a practice taught by a back yard mechanic many years ago I fixed the race so it would seat tight, cleaned repacked and tightened properly. While I was so close I looked closer to find out why the tie rod had play. The alignment sleeve at the end of the tie rod was loose. Do you know that such haste in the mechanics decision of a little play is normal could have landed me in the ditch if not a serious accident? I called that place of business this morning not to gripe but to inform them and again I was told a little play was normal prior to him hearing me say the sleeve was loose. So now I question is this a good place to do business with? Might it not be the business but the individual mechanic who holds your life in thier hands? How good are they? Must I always be on guard for others mistakes? God gave me a talent that I do not always use but love God and the talent just the same as I know my vehicle and I listen and feel it groans and moans. Might my vehicle, be me, with all my aches, and pains I bear. My stomach is saying feed me now so I I will close now, saying be aware of your vehicles groans and moans.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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