Begin the Harvest

Many work all thier life to have this and that filling thier homes, but when the fires come all things are lost to the flames. The only thing that remains is the land, even though it becomes charred. It has a life of its own that soon shows signs of new growth. People, although we are not physically burned we sometimes feel burned as we try and find our way through life, trying to live a decent rewarding life, and in the end many lay in thier grave with nothing but a lifeless body, probably saying to thier selves it was all for nothing. But another question arises. Was it really? Are we as people, not, here to prove the Glory of God is eternal and yet to be seen and proved. Who has the strength, the power and glory to do what many say is impossible? Is it I? Is it you? Or do we give it all to God here, now and forever more. Do you worry about what happened yesterday which you can not change, or the present day which is responding to yesterday, or what the future holds? When you release worry to the wind it goes till it finds a new home that is ready to be occupied. There it begins cleaning till God comes and a new seed planted. The seed of Hope. Hope does whatever is required at the crack of dawn. Hope drags a leg even in pain till it heals if not supplied crutches. Some just hope and give it all up when others aren’t there to give the crutches of support. I know many need help these days and it is hard to give support to everyone in need. But if you can reach just one then hope that one reaches another and another and another. God knows we are not strong and can not hold the worlds troubles. But we can help support, just one. Which one might it be? Might it be Love that reaches out in support knowing worry must be be released. When worry enters your home, your heart, don’t keep it. Let the new seed of hope be planted. Let the beginning of harvest begin. With the new seed planted, all crutches are thrown, as support is given. This support is best given first inside your own home beginning in your heart. Here is where the world first begins to change. Do not rush it by adding to much fertilizer.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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