I felt the 2nd one of this year last night which was centered in Cushing, OK at around 7:45pm. I was off work sitting on the loveseat near the front door. It wasn’t as strong as the one I felt back in September. The 1st one was centered in Pawnee, OK. I was still in bed at that time. The one I felt last night I first thought may have been a big gush of wind but then I recalled earthquake.
As the earth quakes so does our stronghold. If strong enough it can bring down buildings to rubble, crack foundations and in some cases it can swallow the hole lot.
So what foundation is strongest of all being able withstand all calamities?
The foundation of love, a gift from one heart to other hearts. Sometimes it is seen as gifts, sometimes hugs, sometimes just open ears, other times it can take the form of anger. Most do not understand this form of love. They believe this anger to be devilish and evil. This form of love is actually protection from what is seen in others when a household does not live in harmony with each other. This can be seen as the dark side of love as the light inside is protecting both households.
This is why so many separate and live in separate households. This is why countries of the world have borders because living in harmony has not been developed. If this is ever fully understood than peace may fill the earth as the quakes of anger die out and the light of Love is born and understood. Trespassers are not welcome but visitors are. Trespassers cause battles to rise up as the land owner protects what they consider as theirs locking doors and such, this is war. When visitors arrive welcome them as you know they will not stay long. This is the way it should be throughout the world unless a person wanting to stay in another country or home takes on the belief of that country or home living in harmony.
However beware there is still one out there who tries to make the evil in all darken the whole lot. This is where wisdom comes into play and that door must be locked for good to rise up living in peace and harmony. This might be the cleaning of the pot inside first, with dirt of the world outside.
I choose to live in love of harmony, with the world outside. As my world shakes, rattles and rolls so will my light come into being.

May this writing bring the brighter light into your world as well as others. With love may it spread like the wings of angels.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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2 Responses to Earthquakes

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful beautiful, blessings Billie and thank you for this…

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