Human Error

Human Error

To error is only human, or is it?
Is there any error in being an honest human?
Is honesty something you can give to someone else?

I have a story to tell, you decide if there is an error in being an honest human being?
I am a customer service associate with a big box store. We the associates are human and come with error written all over us (or this is what some might like to think).

A customer comes in to make a purchase of a certain item. The item that they really wanted at the price indicated by the label is not there but the unknowing customer sees the item hanging there has in it what they wanted plus much more. So the unknowing takes the item plus other items they are purchasing to the register. After paying for the items the customer sees they were charged much more for the item they thought they were getting at a fantastic price.

Who is in error of being human, the associate who stocked the item in the wrong place, the associate who tries to explain to the customer the item was in the wrong place and would gladly find the correct item for them, the customer who demands the item they paid for at the price on the label, or the management who makes the customer happy?

Given the circumstances who would you truly want to be?

If you say the management (who has the power) who can make the customer happy then you might see a disgrunted employee. If management stood up for the employee in the decision, then you would have a disgrunted customer. So, who really holds the key to error and honesty? I can not give anyone a heart of honesty, but I can change being a disgrunted employee. This change is sometimes slow for me, it comes from listening to thoughts from within as I write, providing me my coping mechanism and understanding that war is not in me, and that I hold the power to harmony that grows from inside me, a place of inner peace I hold dear.

I hope this inner peace can be found within more in this country I live in, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and the world, as more stand for peace, not war, as change comes from within ones own heart not the battle ground. Am I living in error putting down my sword? I shed no blood, but hope the ink from the writings help not only me to heal but others too. Become a part of the Author and you too will heal shining the greater light of LOVE.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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