The Key Inside

The Clean Air Look

The other day it was chilly in the house so I started a fire in my stove to take off the chill. I guess I over did it, it got overly warm, 90 degrees in the house. I also noticed around this time all the smoke was not going out the chimney but was puffing smoke into the house. I went outside and the chimney was a bellow of smoke, even though the fire was hot, it was smoldering like it was not. So I opened the front door a bit to let some cold air in, as I did, the smoke went up the chimney, going back outside to check the smoke was no longer a bellow of smoke but now was an unseen smoke. The clean air look.
I love to correlate my daily life happenings with other things. It provides me with coping and understanding of the world inside and outside of me. The story of The Clean Air Look has to do with negative and positive air which if not regulated properly causes your stove to not draft properly. So it cause much smoke, smoldering, and lack of heat. Smoke, smoldering and lack of heat can be negative not providing the warmth inside your house. Adding some good air flow makes the fire burn hotter, eliminating smoldering and smoke. Good flow provides a good hot fire, that when understood can clear the world of its anger.
For those of you in the world outside of me, I suggest you open your door and cool off, eliminating the smoke and anger where your fire can burn hotter. Then the fire in you will burn hotter will help heat your home. When you see you are in the furnace then you may begin your journey of healing. By choosing a more calmer approach stress is eliminated and you become born again. For out of you stress leaves and the baby in you is born. I prayer you hear this message for I was born again. Not as in religion. I love the place in me even though my struggles have been many. I have been on this journey many years now. In hope I speak of a world that needs healing. It begins inside each and everyone. Don’t be or go without this love in you, you hold the key inside. It is a place of healing eliminating your anger and strife. I write not to try and force because this is the world’s way. I write as I hear hoping others read and take it to heart. For this where healing begins.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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