A Blessed Heart

Pill Head Gone
The pill head Uriah is finally gone. The old Uriah who I knew and loved is back living in Marion.
I had him back at my house for a short time. We were awaiting a rent to own shed to make his home on my little piece of land. We both knew we needed our space, especially me. There was a delay in its delivery. The day all hell blew up it didn’t start that way. Matter of fact we was working together on making him a compost toilet when he said he felt really good not feeling any pain and that we were working on this together. Then the mail ran and prescription medications delivered. I didn’t blow up then. It was latter when the old Uriah was sleeping. He just wouldn’t leave me alone as he thought he was doing nothing wrong.
The next morning I felt like I had been beaten, my body was sore, I felt drained. I told Uriah he could no longer stay in my house. He decided to leave and go back to Marion. I was surprised he didn’t put up a fight this time. He actually left pretty quietly except trying to put blame on me.
I am not exactly sure when the old Uriah woke Uriah up, all I know is he is being shone that working for food and or other necessities gives as he calls it a clean pride. He said he cleaned someone’s house yesterday and then he fed 3 others besides himself. He is currently living in a shack as he calls it with someone else, that is in need of much repair, with no electric or water. With kerosene heater as heat. They plan on getting electric on next month. He sounds happy and am sure he has a good mood stabilizer who has taken the upper hand of the matter teaching him. He writes and says in his own words.
“You were so very right … Too work and provide for self as well as others is truly the works of the lord Jesus .. As he said .. Yes shall do these things and even greater .. As I his apprentice 😃😚.. Must be there for myself and begin to spread his contagious pure form of true spiritual gifts and love …. As long as I may”
His heart is blessed.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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