Maintenance 01

Water Heater Maintenance 01

The other day my electric water heater sounded like the water was boiling. I haven’t drained it for sometime. Checking the T&P valve, I found it was stuck, not good. Haven’t maintained it either for some years. Googling, it said my lower element was laden in sediment. I was sure when I drained it the water it was not going to drain out. Doing more investigative reading I found options. Yesterday I began to drain the tank. Absolutely no problem, other than it drained pretty slow. There wasn’t even any sediment coming out. During my investigative reading I also read about what is called an anode rod. Oh most of my investigative reading came from this wonderful website:

Anyway when I thought the water was below the T&P I removed the T&P, sure enough I needed a new one. While this slow draining continued I went to Lowe’s to make my purchase of the T&P and trying to save another trip I bought 2 elements. Coming back home I removed the upper and lower elements, which may not need to be replaced. Inside the cavity of the upper I saw the anode rod. Yuck, doesn’t look good, Lowe’s doesn’t stock those. Matter fact I may have to order it from Whirlpool or somewhere else. The cavity at the lower element. Well from there down it was filled with sediment about 1 foot deep. Getting my shop vac and attaching hoses and duck tape I managed to suck out a lot of sediment. However, I finally chose to disconnect the water heater and take it outside to flush it all out which is today’s chore. Last night though I decided to remove the drain valve, reason, it really doesn’t allow a good flush. I will need to make another trip to Lowe’s but will be putting a different type of drain on it, similar to the water heater rescue website suggestion. I am quite surprised my water heater has lasted this long and hope I haven’t waited to long to get it right, to last even longer. I installed it in August of 2004, a Whirlpool. The explanation on the water heater rescue website about the anode rod is quite good if you are not knowledgeable in that knowing. As long as I have done my own plumbing and even worked in plumbing as a sales associate I did not know all the inner workings of a water heater. It is interesting to me as I see an association with the human body. I see this in a lot of things as they are spoken in my writings. For some it is hard to digest, as if not eaten to taste and absorb the nutrition. Hope my efforts on my water heater don’t spring a leak hidden by the sediment.

Did all that I could to salvage this water heater for now. I couldn’t remove the anode rod, I couldn’t break it loose, the socket slipped off. So no point in ordering one. Put in the new T&P even though I found out that white vinegar soaking can get them unstuck. Put in new elements even though the old ones were still good but the gaskets were not, which caused them to leak, had to drain the tank a second time. Managed to clean out the inside pretty good though. Inside at the bottom it reminds me if a moat. High in the center low around the edges. If any sediment remains, that’s where it is. Too if it does begin to rust out thats where it will start, I’m sure. Not made like the Marathon water heaters. Low in the center and made to never rust out. My next water heater will be a Marathon. After all this cleaning and replacing though, I thought now what. I could not hear it at all. To bad it hadn’t been this quiet all these 12 years. Hope I can say the same for me in my twelfth year of change as a Spiritual being, seeing inside and out from inside. Sometimes I feel as if I am spinning as my world turns my cauldron of soup into nutrition for the soul.

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I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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