Growing Spiritually

Growing Spiritually for me is like taking baby steps or traveling. Taking baby steps is slow learning how to walk and might include talk. Traveling can be slow too if you stop and take in the view, stop and smell the roses or stop to breathe in the fresh morning crisp air rather than traveling like the speed of light.
One might say my spiritual journey began when I was born. Looking back now, I know although I do not remember everything in my past, that it is true. My spiritual journey began either before or after my mother gave birth to me. I just was not aware of anything beyond God and church which I strayed from as I grew up. I was not a firm believer as a church attender. For me what matters most now is going forward on my path of spiritual growth. I do not have to sit and ponder my childhood past, but I do know at times I am given a glimpse to help clarify today.
I recently made a comment about spirituality not being sold. Spirituality comes in many forms of belief. If and or when a person can begin to see Spirituality as a whole then there are no limits to Spiritual growth and healing. Belief is a small word but is truth. My belief and healing came from the Bible which helps me through my time of need and healing which began in 2006, my new path of existence. Although the unveiling of my inner eye was a traumatic experience it allowed me to experience fear and love within me. No one in their right mind will want to stay in fear. Although for many, fear is medicated. For others they have a choice to learn about Spirit without going through traumatic experience. It may be what some call inner child work, some get their understanding about Spirit from reading playing cards, some offer retreats to teach Spiritual belief, others write books putting words together for others to make sense of Spirituality, to help them on their Spiritual Journey. Others begin at church. Some of these spiritual teachings cost $$. Although given freely from ones heart, the world in which we live puts a price on material. Such as paper, printing cost, land taxes, labor, etc.
My own experience was, is, and hope an everlasting experience. Although it was very traumatic I would do it again if it was meant to be. However, I don’t think I will have too. I see Spirituality growing like seeds planted in the soil. Some haven’t sprouted yet, but they need to be cared for and water. The sun warms the soil, this might be our inner heart as it pumps blood.
I have been through much with my son’s. One in and out of jail many times. My hope, after supplying him a book about inner child, which he had an interest in, might help him begin healing and no longer end up in jail again after released. My other one, although I did not give birth, but has been a son to me all his life, went through his own traumatic experience but his had to do with drugs, over the counter. His problem has continued many years. It wasn’t until recently, although God has been there all along, that Uriah has began to make good choices, baby steps. He still struggles not having the complete means of survival, heat, but I am sure he will make it, anyway I hope he does. But it does require him to make good choices each and every passing day. No one wants to make bad choices but without the dark of those choices we don’t grow Spiritually.
This is my opinion. It may not be yours. As we all are given our own path to walk. Some go by way of least resistance others not. Spirituality is not the path of least resistance. It requires much labor in belief, eliminating what isn’t good in our life in a peaceful manner and sometimes not. I look at Jesus and I see he did not take the path of least resistance although many may think he did by not fighting back. It is easy to go by way of the majority getting pulled into to what some may call chaos. Spirituality takes a stand on the strong foundation. It is your belief, be strong and share what you are served at the table. Then let others make their choice to eat or not, believe or not believe.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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