Coined Tongue

Split Tongue
A serpent speaks with a split tongue, this way and that, pointing in one direction then going another, but the fish from the sea opens its mouth, paying the tax for God’s sons.
There are many in prisons, outside of prison walls many are still imprisoned, in their belief of rules and laws. But the true law is written on many hearts outside prison walls and inside prison walls.
It is unfortunate that some find those living inside prison walls are considered outcast, when you yourself may be a cast out yourself.
I have been fortunate enough to accept what life hands me with grace, understanding that experience in finding the truth is sometimes hidden, and in my case frustrating. But a little frustration ones life helps things move along.
Example: I have a nephew in prison in Nevada. His mother use to send $ to help with needs that the prison does not supply. Unfortunately his mother, my sister no longer even remembers she has a son or family. So I have taken it upon myself to step in and help even though my funds are limited. But God has given me much wealth in the way of knowledge through experience. 2 times a year around Christmas and Easter gift $ can be given without the state taking 60%. That’s right if given at other times or if not done correctly the state will take 60%. This is what happened in my case. I was using Access Corrections to send emails to my nephew and had been for sometime. When he asked if I could help out since my sister could no longer he sent me a gift form. I instead choose to send funds through Access Corrections. I asked 2 difference times for assistance through their website with no response. I went ahead and sent funds hoping they would not be taxed. He received 40% during the gifting period because I didn’t do it right. I couldn’t find the link hidden on Access Corrections website. It wasn’t until after I sent the funds and a few days later I was on their website and my nephew was listed as a recipient 12 times. Not knowing for sure why I began to remove them. As I did they all disappeared. When I went to add him back as a recipient I found the hidden link. On Access Corrections homepage they give no direction to this hidden link. If you do not talk to them directly you may not know anything about the hidden link. All in all I have complained hoping they change their homepage giving better direction to gifting online. But the best thing of all is knowledge and understanding that sometimes it cost less to do things the old fashion way. I went to the post office purchased a money order and sent it with the gift form, which cost me much much less $ wise that is. Wealth wise I feel another stone has been turned uncovering the truth. Thus I give glory to the LOVE of my heart, no matter which way head turns, I feel I am at home within, as the waves bring me to shore.

About billiescauldron

I am in transition. I see myself as a Spiritual Writer and as such my blog will slowly change with me still holding tight to being in the garden as a child loving my teacher.
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